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Eden Prairie Teachers Recognized for Innovation

Bajda and Streich Named 2016 TIES Exceptional Teachers

November 15, 2016 -- Eden Prairie teachers Nadi Bajda and Shelly Streich will receive Exceptional Teacher Awards from TIES, a Minnesota education technology collaborative. They were chosen for recognition based on examples of their leadership, innovation, integration of technology and evidence of strategies impacting student learning and engagement. They will receive their awards at the TIES Education Technology conference in December.

Nadi Bajda
Nadi is an innovative leader within Eden Prairie Schools’ Early Childhood program. According to her nomination form, “Nadi is not afraid to try new things and is always thinking about ways to use technology appropriately to engage the families of our youngest learners.” One way Nadi is engaging her two-year-old preschool students and their families is through a series of short video clips showcasing what will take place in class each week. Since this is the first time students are separated from their caregivers in a school setting, the videos have made a tremendous impact on easing anxieties and increasing home-to-school connections. Over 130 families are impacted each week by the sharing of these videos and the weekly early childhood family education classes.

Shelly Streich
Shelly Streich is an Eden Prairie High School teacher who continuously demonstrates a growth mindset through her innovative educational practices that provide each student with a better learning experience. Shelly was instrumental in the design and facilitation of Intro to Technology, a required freshman course that is grounded in personalized learning. The course focuses on providing high levels of learning through student voice and choice while creating relevance for each learner. As a leader in this field, Shelly worked with fellow technology teachers and the National Open Community for Computer and Technical Education (NOCTE) to develop a universal assessment to be used by Minnesota Information Technology educators and their students.

TIES is an education technology collaborative of 48 Minnesota school districts. They provide community engagement software for parents and communities, as well as management software for school operations, instructional administration, and information technology operations. TIES is the largest provider of education technology professional development in the Midwest.
Nadi   Shelly