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Enhanced emergency response language

Enhanced emergency response language


In our schools, events sometimes occur that require movement around or inside the building to stop or change. (For example, a student or staff member may need medical attention, and all students need to stay in their classrooms until the situation is resolved.) In those situations and others, Eden Prairie Schools uses a set of standard response protocols that help all students and staff know what to do and where to go.

Beginning this year, each of our schools will use enhanced emergency response protocols developed by the I Love U Guys Foundation, a highly respected community safety organization whose response programs are used in more than 40,000 schools, districts, and communities around the world. Students won’t notice much of a change — they will continue to practice each response in drills required by the state, just like previous years — but you may hear them use slightly different language, which we want to share with you.

The response protocols are:

  • Hold, which is used to keep hallways clear when an incident takes place inside the building. Everyone stays in their current locations and learning continues as normal.
  • Secure, which is used to keep everyone inside due to activity outside the building. Once everyone comes inside, learning continues as normal.
  • Lockdown, which is used only when there is an active threat and imminent danger toward people in the building and it is not safe to Evacuate. Doors are locked, lights are turned off and everyone stays out of sight.
  • Evacuate, which is used to leave the building when it is no longer safe for anyone to be inside. Everyone walks toward the closest emergency exit and moves away from the building.
  • Shelter, which is used when there is a severe weather or environment-related hazard. Everyone walks to a weather shelter location and takes a duck-and-cover position.

Student safety is our top priority, and this enhanced language ensures students will hear the same terms and use the same protocols from preschool all the way through TASSEL. It also helps our local safety and healthcare partners respond quickly to support our schools. Watch for more information, including a video explaining each protocol, later this fall.

  • Cedar Ridge Elementary
  • Central Middle School
  • Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion
  • Eden Lake Elementary
  • Eden Prairie High School
  • Forest Hills Elementary
  • Oak Point Elementary
  • Prairie View Elementary