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Supply Lists

Below you’ll find school supply lists for each grade level at Oak Point. For your convenience, we partner with School Tool Box, a company that does the shopping for you. Please feel free to purchase your child’s supplies on your own using the lists provided below or visit Oak Point Elementary School Tool Box and select your child’s grade. You can order from School Tool Box between now and October. Additional materials may be requested by individual teachers at a later date. 

For those of you that need assistance purchasing these items, please contact Jessica Puchner, Social Worker, during Open House or contact her directly by email Jessica_Puchner@edenpr.k12.mn.us or phone (952)-975-7633.

Labeling Supplies Please refer to your child's teacher letter...in some classrooms use individual supplies should be labeled with your child's name; other classrooms use community supply systems and certain supplies should not be labeled.

Oak Point Grades K-5 Supply Lists