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This means helping your learner grow and reach his or her full potential in a safe, nurturing environment. This is just one reason why we have been listed among the highest performing schools in the state. Together with our strong parent community, we lead our students to take ownership of their learning while exploring their interests and finding new passions.

“One of the biggest selling points of why we chose to move to Eden Prairie was for the schools. But what we’ve experienced at Oak Point has far exceeded our expectations. We feel very fortunate that our children are learning and flourishing in a welcoming and accepting environment that embraces diversity and supports personalized learning for all. We know our children will leave Oak Point fully prepared and be successful in their schooling beyond the elementary level.”

-Sarah Hendrickson, Parent

The Oak Point Difference

What makes us an excellent school?

Outstanding teachers: Our teachers are loved by our parent community with a 99% approval rating among parents district-wide.

Personalized Learning: At Eden Prairie Schools, we believe each learner has unique talents and gifts. Through personalized learning, teachers work to understand, care and nurture student strengths, while students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and explore their interests and passions.

4Cs: Our teaching practices emphasize the 4Cs: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. These are the skills essential for both career and citizenship.

Mindfulness: Students engage in strategies throughout the day to help reduce stress, improve attention and promote overall student wellness.

Aeroponics: Students have access to hands-on science experience as they learn the process of growing plants without the use of soil and are able to eat the food they grow.

Gifted programming: We offer the KEY programs for students to engage in activities utilizing problem solving, higher level thinking skills and advanced topics.

Orchestra, choir and band: Students engage in musical education each week. Eden Prairie Schools is one of the few districts to offer orchestra at the elementary level.

We are an AVID school: AVID is an educational program that supports all learners to be college and career ready. Students learn a set of strategies that are used across all grade levels to help each child learn. The strategies focus on inquiry, organization, reading, writing to learn, and collaborating with others.

University partnerships: We partner with the U. of Minnesota, the U. of North Dakota, Iowa State U., and multiple other in-state universities to bring student teachers to our school. These partnerships put a second teacher in many of our classrooms, providing an even lower teacher-to-student ratio. Student teachers also bring the latest research and teaching strategies from some of the top teacher preparation programs in the nation.

Be Safe. Be Responsible. Be Kind.

The Core Values of our Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) system focus on three character pillars – Be Safe, Be Responsible and Be Kind. All students work together with their classroom teachers and staff to embed these traits into our everyday learning at Oak Point Elementary School. The PBIS Program and the Responsive Classroom Program work hand in hand to develop our students into outstanding community members.

Academic Success

Our test scores are consistently above the state average as a result of our challenging curriculum, highly-qualified staff, and innovative technology tools that together create a supportive learning environment to help EACH student thrive.

Co-Curricular Activities

From athletics and the arts to student clubs and organizations, there are exciting opportunities for every student. Learn more about the variety of activities available to your student through EPIC

Parent Involvement

Oak Point and the PTO work collaboratively to enhance the educational environment for our students. The PTO sponsors events throughout the year to provide enrichment opportunities in the 4Cs (communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking) for all students. In addition, the PTO supports various classroom activities and brings in many guest speakers, children’s plays and the Zoo Mobile. There are three major fundraisers throughout the year including a Fall Fun Run, the school carnival, and Family Picnic. We encourage our families to be involved in our school. We also welcome community and senior volunteers throughout the year to assist our students and work with our staff in various ways to enrich our learning environment.

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