Strategic Plan

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Our Mission


Inspire each student to learn continuously so they are empowered to reach personal fulfillment and contribute purposefully to our ever-changing world.

Inspire EACH Student

The Strategic Plan is designed to be a roadmap for the school district, guiding decisions and development as we move together into the future. The plan was the result of many hours of work by hundreds of people, including parents, community members and district staff. It encompasses all aspects of the district’s work, from our youngest learners in Early Childhood, through the K-12 school years, and into lifelong learning provided by Community Education. It touches everyone – parents, staff, and community – but most importantly, is focused on our students.



Core Values

We believe that:

  • Each person has intrinsic value.
  • Each person has individual gifts, interests and talents.
  • Community benefits when each person contributes.
  • Relationships flourish on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.
  • Continuous learning is essential for personal fulfillment, opportunity and success.



Mission Outcomes


Each student will achieve personal and district expectations and be inspired to learn continuously.


Each student will enthusiastically and confidently engage in the continual pursuit of personal goals and aspirations.


Each student will proactively engage in actions that contribute to community.

Strategic Delimiter:

We will not adopt any new program or service unless it aligns with and contributes to our mission.

2018-2023 Strategies

Personalized Learning

By 2023, we will personalize learning to achieve our mission.

  1. Partnerships are formed between teachers and students which creates learning experiences that are personally relevant and reflective of each student.
  2. Teachers consistently use data to design and adjust instruction in response to each student’s learning and provide meaningful feedback for goal-setting and progress monitoring.
  3. Students will become critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators, and creative problem solvers about the various concepts they explore through our district curriculum.
  4. Authentic learning experiences are designed in which students apply their knowledge and skills to performance tasks that reflect real-world purposes, audiences, and resources.
  5. Learning environments throughout the district are designed to promote partnerships, responsiveness, rigor, and authenticity.


Achievement Disparities

By 2023, we will eliminate achievement disparities to achieve our mission.

  1. Each student experiences personalized learning that result in achievement not predicted by race.
  2. Each student experiences a supportive, responsive school environment where their social-emotional and academic needs are met by culturally conscious staff who reflectively respond to each student’s voice.
  3. Each family served by our schools experiences partnerships with school staff that provide a foundation for working together to ensure students across all racial groups have access to personalized learning.
  4. Equitable access is provided for all students to participate in a high-quality early-childhood education.
  5. The racial demographics of the staff closely reflect that of the student population.



By 2023, we will engage our stakeholders to achieve our mission. 

  1. Student voice and leadership will be increased and elevated.
  2. The beliefs and behavior of staff contribute to the achievement of our mission.
  3. A family engagement plan will be developed and implemented.
  4. Community partnerships are expanded and aligned to enhance student learning.


Core Values

Who are we?


Who do we serve? Why do we exist?

Strategic Delimiter

What will we not do in order to remain focused?

Mission Outcomes

For what outcomes will the district be held accountable?

Strategic Plan

A process by which a human system discerns its core purpose, and designs the means to achieve that purpose. 


What must we do to achieve our mission and objectives?