Strategic Plan

Boys Reading


Our Mission

Inspire each student to learn continuously so they are empowered to reach personal fulfillment and contribute purposefully to our ever-changing world.

Inspire EACH Student

The Strategic Plan is designed to be a roadmap for the school district, guiding decisions and development as we move together into the future. The plan was the result of many hours of work by hundreds of people, including parents, community members and district staff. It encompasses all aspects of the district’s work, from our youngest learners in Early Childhood, through the K-12 school years, and into lifelong learning provided by Community Education. It touches everyone – parents, staff, and community – but most importantly, is focused on our students.



Core Values

We believe that:

  • Each person has intrinsic value.
  • Each person has individual gifts, interests and talents.
  • Community benefits when each person contributes.
  • Relationships flourish on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.
  • Continuous learning is essential for personal fulfillment, opportunity and success.




Mission Outcomes

Strategic Delimiter:

We will not adopt any new program or service unless it aligns with and contributes to our mission.

2018-2023 Strategies