Staff Directory

Staff Directory

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Jane Aagenes

Attendance Clerk

Molly Aalfs

Music - General (Elem)

Ayan Abdi

SPED Paraprofessional

Hani Abdi

Cultural Liason

Maryama Abdihakim

Paraprofessional - Prairie View

Sagal Abdisalam

ELL Paraprofessional

Julie Abler

Special Education

Zahrah Aden

Kindergarten Paraprofessional

Kathryn Adkins

Grade 4 - Eagles Heights Spanish Immersion

Jacqueline Ahlers

Special Ed

Mohamed Ahmed

Cultural Liason

Anna Alberto

EHSI Kinder

Anna Alberto

Kindergarten - Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion

Marisol Alcazar

Elementary Classroom Teacher

Todd Aldrich

Maria Alfaro

Mohamed Ali

Daniel J Allen

Gary Allen

TRP Bus driver

Anne Almli

Family & Cons. Science

Jamie Alsleben

Elementary Classroom Teacher

Katie Altenburg

Laurie Ambrose

Office Professional

Michelle Ament

Senior Director of Personalized Learning

Anthea Amsler