Weather & Emergencies

Making weather-related school closing decisions can be tricky in the bold north. The approach of winter means the possibility of weather interruptions in our school days. In 2019, Eden Prairie Schools adopted an e-Learning Plan, and our shared pandemic experience reinforced the skills needed for e-learning. 

On e-Learning days, students and teachers will conduct school virtually using Schoology, See Saw, Google Suite and other online tools. Our e-Learning Plan allows school to continue without a snow day. The first time Eden Prairie Schools has a day of inclement weather, school will be canceled. This first day allows everyone to prepare for e-learning. If your family is looking for affordable home internet service, we have a list of resources or you may call our Technology Department Help Desk at 952-975-7094.

The second and subsequent inclement weather days for the rest of the school year will be e-learning days. Lessons will be posted online by 9:30 a.m., and teachers will be available for their students until 3:30 p.m. Please review the e-Learning Plan, found below, which includes frequently asked questions.

Watch this video and take a look at the information to find out how we make the decision to close, delay or release school early due to severe weather. 

Stay in the know with a delay, closure or early release of school by getting a phone call, email, checking our website.

Delay, Close or Early Release?

Stay in the know if school is delayed, closed or released early due to winter weather or another emergency. Families will receive a phone call notification (make sure to add 952-975-7000 to your contacts) and an email. The notification will also be shared with local media, displayed on our website and our social media channels. When possible Superintendent Swanson tries to make decisions the night before and if not we make the decision as early as possible in the morning.