There’s an app for that!

There’s an app for that!


Looking to learn more about Eden Prairie High School? “There’s an app for that!” Eden Prairie High School students in Jennifer Nelson’s iOS class developed the “EPHS Student” app where students can see announcements, schedules and find areas and locations throughout the school.


The EPHS Student app was built by about half the class. A couple kids talked about wanting to make an app that everyone could carry around, and improve upon each year,” said Nelson.


The class is a semester-long capstone course for juniors and seniors excited about computer science and have advanced placement CSP or Java experience. Each student collaborated together in groups to create different elements  of the app including the navigation strategy, start-up screen and graphics. Students also learned the language iOS apps are written called Swift.


“I’m incredibly impressed by this group of kids. They’ve all worked on different teams, managed deadlines and compiling errors, navigating the system to get announcements shared and approval to change workflows for people,” said Nelson.


Nelson’s class also developed two other apps that are available to download for free in the Apple App Store called H2GO and SpaceDungeon.