Superintendent message on COVID-19 planning

Superintendent message on COVID-19 planning

The following message was sent via e-mail on March 2 to all Eden Prairie Schools families.

Dear Eden Prairie Schools Families,

Eden Prairie Schools officials have been following updates about COVID-19 (coronavirus). As of today, no confirmed cases have been reported in Minnesota. We have prepared for disease outbreaks in the past and district administrators are updating our response plans. Our school nurses regularly work with Hennepin County Public Health officials; the nurses are a key contact to monitor and prevent influenza. We have established regular communication with the Minnesota Department of Health for updates on COVID-19.

Health officials do not recommend any changes to daily school operation or school-sponsored events. Their message is clear and consistent: The precautions we take during every cold and flu season remain our best practices.

  • Wash hands with warm water and soap. The hand washing procedures we teach in school remain the best way to prevent the spread of any illness. Our students are given time throughout the school day to wash their hands.

  • Cover your cough: Cough into your sleeve or elbow and not your hands.

  • Avoid touching your face, especially your nose, eyes and mouth.

  • Do not share water bottles, cups/glasses, food, lip balm, etc.

  • Students who do not feel well should stay home from school. Each school has an attendance line to report absences.

  • Families can review district health information, including guidelines on how long students should remain at home after a common illness.

  • People who are traveling should review the Centers for Disease Control’s travel advisories.

  • Anxiety and worry can actually make us more susceptible to routine illnesses. Take reasonable steps: eat well, get appropriate sleep, practice good hygiene, clean high-touch surfaces like door knobs, countertops, etc. Then be confident you are taking the right steps to stay healthy.

Josh Swanson, Ed.D.