National Principals Month: Nicholas Kremer

National Principals Month: Nicholas Kremer

Please join us in recognizing Nicholas Kremer, Principal of EP Online, for National Principals Month. We asked Nick a few questions about his motivations as an educator and leader. Here are his responses:

Why did you choose education?

I believe that public education is the bedrock of American democracy.  It’s the glue that binds our community together and that encourages us to initiate meaningful relationships with others we may not engage with otherwise, and it is the catalyst for ensuring each student has the opportunity to achieve a prosperous future.  I choose education each and every day to be part of this important work and to do my part to contribute to a better tomorrow for us all.  

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

Thinking of new ways to better help our teachers better help our students to meet our district mission.  (Literally…my dog wakes me up for a morning walk, and the wheels start turning!)