National Principals Month: Felicia Thames

National Principals Month: Felicia Thames

Please join us in recognizing Felicia Thames, Principal of Prairie View Elementary, for National Principals Month. We asked Felicia a few questions about her motivations as an educator and leader. Here are her responses:

Why did you choose education?

I have always had a passion for watching students learn and grow.  My love for kids began as a teenager, when I started my own neighborhood babysitter’s club, looking after kids from all walks of life. My passion for students continued to grow when the principal of my high school moved in next door. She encouraged me to pursue opportunities working with students and saw the leadership skills I possessed.   Throughout the years, I have continued to be immersed in the company of children and appreciate the gifts and talents that each student brings.  I love my current role as the Principal at Prairie View Elementary School and hope that I will continue to make a difference in the lives of students overall well-being.  

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My enthusiasm for serving staff, students and families gets me out of bed each morning.  I am truly grateful for the support I feel each day. The passion and love I have for students continues to drive my desire to diligently serve Eden Prairie Schools.

Stay tuned for more stories about each principal as we post their photo and story this month.