National Associate Principals Month: Meg Bennett

Please join us in recognizing Meg Bennett, Associate Principal of Eden Prairie High School, for National Associate Principals Month. We asked Meg a few questions about her motivations as an educator and leader. Here are her responses:

Why did you choose education?

I choose education for so many reasons!  By the time I started college, I knew I wanted to work with youth.  However, my love of Math and Science led me to initially explore careers in the medical field.  During my junior year of college that all changed when I applied for a job working as a tutor, supporting middle school students in St. Paul schools.   During that experience, I knew immediately I wanted to go into education.  Specifically, that experience led me to continue my education as a School Psychologist.  I was determined to design educational programming to meet the needs of each learner, ensuring that each student had high expectations while supporting each student to reach their goals. I want students to feel empowered and develop life-long skills to nurture independence and pursue their passions.   

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

Our amazing students!  Each day I get to collaborate with students in the pursuit of their goals and their passions.  Seeing how our community comes together in support of one another, celebrating what each of our students brings to our school, not only gets me out of bed each morning but gives me complete confidence in the future of our society.  We are in great hands.  

Stay tuned for more stories about our wonderful associate principals!