Message to Parents/Guardians: Survey on Grade Level Hybrid Model

Message to Parents/Guardians: Survey on Grade Level Hybrid Model

Eden Prairie Schools Families,

We expect to hear the governor’s announcement later this week on how school will resume this fall. We continue to refine the three education models that state leaders have said are possible this year: distance learning, in-person with social distancing, and a “hybrid” design. Three weeks ago, we surveyed families about the hybrid model where students would split time between distance learning and in-person learning. We have continued to evolve our possible hybrid model based on stakeholder feedback. We would like your input one more time.

A plan now being considered is an innovative hybrid model based on grade level, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all design. Our grade-level hybrid model incorporates feedback from our parent/guardian surveys during distance learning and over the summer. The benefits of a grade-level hybrid are:

  • This is a developmentally responsive approach. Our youngest learners would receive direct support in acquiring foundational skills; their parents/guardians said it was a struggle to do this well at home.
  • Intermediate and middle level students would be supported through periodic face-to-face interaction with caring teachers and staff.
  • Older students adapted more quickly to distance learning and would benefit from in-person learning added to their week.
  • Additional live streamed, online learning directly with teachers

As you review the plan below, remember that the hybrid model is designed to maximize classroom space across the district while meeting student needs and social distance requirements. With that in mind, Eden Prairie Schools’ grade-level hybrid could look like this.

Please help us with feedback about the grade-level hybrid model by taking this survey