Great graduation rates in EP, 2020 shows continued rise!

Great graduation rates in EP, 2020 shows continued rise!

Great graduation rates in Eden Prairie Schools, 2017-2020

Graduation rates across Eden Prairie Schools continue to increase. The district’s overall graduation rates have grown year after year, but the real story is in the detail. Looking at data based on racial demographics, the accomplishments of Eden Prairie Schools students are undeniable. For example, Hispanic/Latino students increased their graduation rate by 26 percentage points over the same period of time. African-American students increased their graduation rate by 22 percentage points.

The rate of graduation also showed continuous improvement for students who speak English as a second language and students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch. For the latter group, they increased their graduation rates by 22 percentage points over four years. Overall, the graduation rate for all students in Eden Prairie Schools increased from 87 percent in 2017 to 95 percent in 2020.

“We’ve been intentional about connecting with each student in multiple ways to make sure they’re on track for graduation,” said Eden Prairie High School Principal Robb Virgin. “Our approach is personal, one-to-one and unique to each student and family – and the data show it’s working.”

More graduation results, 2017-20

3rd grade reading

Third-grade reading is an important milestone because a strong literacy foundation is essential to promote high levels of academic learning throughout a child's education. In Eden Prairie Schools, 78.5 percent of third-grade students demonstrate reading proficiency. This means that students get a strong start in Eden Prairie Schools and are ready for higher levels of achievement as they grow up in the district. This level of proficiency surpasses the state average on state tests, and other area school districts.

“We educate critical thinkers and prepare students for the world ahead,” said Michelle Ament, Senior Director of Personalized Learning. “That starts with the first day of kindergarten as teachers work individually with each student to lay the foundations of an Eden Prairie Schools education.”

4 C’s: Collaboration, communication, creativity & critical thinking

District benchmarks for 21st Century skills also are strong, with more than 70 percent of all students proficient in three of the four areas. As part of its strategic plan, Eden Prairie Schools has committed to ensuring each student is proficient in these areas. Teachers at all levels, including early childhood education, embed the concepts of collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking into their lessons. Students are assessed annually on the skills and the results are monitored by the School Board.

21st Century
skill area




Critical thinking

Student proficiency (overall preK-12)






“We focus on the whole child in Eden Prairie Schools,” said Dr. Stacie Stanley, Associate Superintendent.  “We understand that 21st century skills are critical for career and college readiness, and I am pleased that we are providing our students with authentic learning experiences to support their skill development in these areas.”