#GirlsoftheFuture social media campaign honors two EPHS students for STEM achievements

#GirlsoftheFuture social media campaign honors two EPHS students for STEM achievements

Eden Prairie Schools is proud to present two students who received a #GirlsoftheFuture award. The award arose out of a social media campaign that sought to elevate young girls in STEM careers. The award, created by Allie Miller, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning development expert at Amazon Web Services, and Anamita Guha, Lead Product Manager at IBM Watson, saw a growing need for women in the STEM field. Their goal is to inspire young girls to continue on their career path, leading to more technological advancements in scientific fields. 

Only 12 girls were selected across the country as winners for 2021. Our communications team sat down with Harini and Abi to talk about their inspirations for pursuing STEM and how Eden Prairie Schools continue to inspire them and their work. 


Harini Senthilkumar

How has your participation and leadership in the Student Globe (student-led newspaper for EPHS) fostered your connection to Eden Prairie High School?
Newspapers are an incredible way to bring diverse groups in a community together. The Student Globe embodies this idea and I have genuinely enjoyed gaining insight about my fellow Eden Prairie high schoolers through the Globe. My favorite part about my position as an op-ed writer last year and President of the Globe this year has been putting a spotlight on the special people at my school and all of their pursuits. Whether it be fundraising for charities or advocating for change, our school is filled with caring and passionate students who never fail to inspire positivity in my own actions.

How did EP prepare you to connect with professors at the University of Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas?

Since my middle school years, being an Eden Prairie student has entailed opportunities for enriched learning in STEM areas. My learning in STEM in EP has given me exposure to unique topics and fostered a love for all things science. Not only has EP challenged and allowed me to grow academically, but it has also helped me develop networking and interpersonal skills. School courses and participation in activities such as the Speech Team and the Student Globe have provided me with the tools and confidence to build connections with such accomplished scholars in the STEM field.  


Abi Rajesekaran

How have EP teachers prepared you to become a leader of the world?
Throughout my years at EP, I have had the most supportive and engaging teachers. My teachers have high expectations for me as a student, and they strive to ensure that I succeed in class. My teachers work with each student with the same excitement. To provide the best support for the class, teachers always make time before, during, and after school to get any questions answered. EP teachers are always eager to hear about students’ involvement with activities and advise any clubs. Their support allows me to develop connections with people in the STEM field and gain opportunities to further my knowledge.
What courses did you take that you felt led you to discover more about your passion for environmental science?

Many of my science courses led me to discover more about my passion for environmental science. Specifically, my biology and chemistry classes have taught me to be aware of the environment and find ways to protect it. These classes inspired me to self-study environmental science. The knowledge I gained from environmental science motivated me to conduct a science fair project revolving around zebra mussels and their negative impact on the environment.