Elementary Teachers Participate in Math Professional Development

Eden Prairie Schools elementary teachers participated in a professional development day on Nov. 9, 2018 to deepen and expand their skills and knowledge around teaching mathematics. This professional learning centered on how teachers will be responsive to learners. Through the use of formative assessments, teachers will have access to data allowing them to see both student strengths and opportunities for growth. Extending learning and re-teaching concepts will be part of responsiveness times throughout the math unit.

Fourth grade Cedar Ridge teacher Jill O’Toole commented, “I am able to use the formative assessments to capture specific areas that I need to either reteach or extend for each child in my classroom. It is a quick tool that provides a lot of useful information. It is interesting to learn which students are more conceptual, procedural or contextual learners or a combination. The data gained has allowed me to provide lessons and/or materials so the achievement increases for all of my students.”

Eden Prairie Schools believes students need a conceptual understanding of why and how mathematical principles work in order to explain reasoning, defend problem-solving approaches, create or describe visual models of mathematics, and retain learning over time. Students also need skills to determine effective and efficient ways to express or perform mathematical processes and find solutions. With a combination of these mathematical skills, students are able to identify problems, devise solution strategies, and choose the most useful strategy for solving problems.

“The math curriculum aligns with Eden Prairie Schools commitment to recognize each learner individually, honor their unique talents and gifts, and to provide them with the care and support they need to be inspired in their learning every day,” said Senior Director of Personalized Learning Michelle Ament.