Eden Prairie Schools Sees First Increase in Enrollment in Nearly a Decade

October 25, 2018


After nearly 10 years of declining enrollment, Eden Prairie Schools has officially increased its student enrollment. Eden Prairie Schools has 8,797 students following the official October 1 enrollment count reported to the Minnesota Department of Education. The count is 71 students higher than the year before and 178 students higher than predictions indicated.


“The district budgeted for 8,619 students this year,” said Jason Mutzenberger, Executive Director of Business Services. “That’s revenue we did not budget for, but more importantly that’s growth in our enrollment, which is the first time since 2008 we’ve seen that.”


Demographic studies and enrollment projections have shown anticipated declining enrollment over many years due to residents choosing open enrollment and those without children, or “empty nesters” continuing to live in their homes.


The largest increase over projections occurred in kindergarten with 54 students higher than expected. Eden Prairie Schools also saw increases across the system with 98 students higher than predicted for K-6 enrollment, and 80 students higher in 7-12 grades.


“The positive enrollment was experienced system-wide; it wasn’t just one particular area,” said Jason Mutzenberger, Executive Director of Business Services. “This is going to have a very positive effect on our financials and provide greater financial stability for years to come.”


“We believe one of the largest reasons for the increase is due to more resident students and families choosing to stay in Eden Prairie,” said Superintendent Dr. Josh Swanson. “We have outstanding opportunities in this district with 99 percent approval ratings of our high quality staff, small class sizes in our lowest grades, and the best college enrollment rates in the area.”