Core Planning group meets to discuss district Strategic Plan

Core Planning group meets to discuss district Strategic Plan

At Eden Prairie Schools, our Strategic Plan comes to life when our students, staff and community members gather and develop ways to make our district an even more inspiring place to learn. 

On Thursday, April 10, the district’s Core Planning Team of 38 members came together at the Minnesota Arboretum to discuss the plan's strategic goals: 

  • achieving personalized learning; 

  • eliminating achievement disparities, and 

  • increasing engagement 

Core Planning is made up of parents/guardians, students, teachers, staff and administrators. The group’s role is to monitor the progess of the Strategic Plan and make recommendations to refine it.

The group listened to presentations from district staff and principals about how Eden Prairie Schools' programs and curriculum offerings work to achieve its mission to inspire each student every day. 

The Core Planning Team also met in February to visit schools and see first-hand evidence of the strategic plan at work. At the April meeting, the group analyzed what they had experienced in February and what they heard from district staff. This led to Core Planning recommendations that are being reviewed by district leaders and will be incorporated into updates for the Strategic Plan.

Eden Prairie Schools is in the fourth year of a five-year plan strategic plan that will be reviewed and updated during the 2022-23 school year. 

This Core Planning Team has volunteered its time over the past four years for annual reviews of the strategic plan. We are grateful for their dedication to helping Eden Prairie Schools inspire each student.