Eden Prairie shows strong performance in state tests

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Eden Prairie Schools continued its strong performance in the statewide school measurement system, known since 2018 as “North Star.” Eden Prairie Schools has consistently been in the top five percent of districts statewide and one of the top districts in the metro area. This year is no different with 67 percent of students at or above the standard in math and 73 percent at or above the standard in reading. Statewide, the averages were 54 percent and 58 percent, respectively.

Eden Prairie Schools’ math and reading performance year-over-year matches results across the state and in neighboring districts. That performance was generally flat or had small declines.

“Our students, overall, continue to perform at a high level, which is what we expect in Eden Prairie,” said Senior Director of Personalized Learning Michelle Ament. “We have an exceptional curriculum, hire outstanding staff and use innovative instructional practices. But we are never satisfied. We take these results and look at what more we can do to improve academic performance.”

North Star uses five separate accountability indicators on a three-year average. Measures include the academic achievement rate in reading and math, progress toward English language proficiency, graduation, academic progress and consistent attendance. Eden Prairie is above statewide averages in all categories.

Eden Prairie High School made strong gains in its four-year graduation rate for Hispanic students, students eligible for free- or reduced-price meals and students who receive special education services. Last year, the state identified the school for more support in graduation for these groups of students and for students learning English. The four-year graduation rate for Hispanic students, for example, increased nearly 14 percentage points over last year. Overall, the high school’s four-year graduation rate is 88 percent and its seven-year graduation rate is 96 percent.

“I am pleased with our increased focus on strong college and career readiness, and continuous school improvement,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Stacie Stanley. “This year, Eden Prairie High School added a counselor position for greater student support, and we anticipate the graduation rate will continue to increase for all groups of students.”

Eden Prairie High School students are enrolling in more rigorous courses. More than a third of all students took an Advanced Placement course, and, last year, 1,705 students participated in at least one additional advanced course.

Eden Prairie Schools remains a highly-ranked school system in a number of ways. The district is the only one in Minnesota to receive “A” rankings in all eight categories analyzed by Niche.com. Eden Prairie High School is in the top 11 percent of all high schools nationally, according to U.S. News and World Report. A recent survey of parent/guardians showed that 98 percent rated the quality of education as favorably. The May bond referendum was approved by 70 percent of voters, which was the highest rate of approval for any Eden Prairie Schools referendum in 25 years