Health Services

Members of Eden Prairie Schools' Health Services staff interact in partnership with the Educational Team to provide students with high quality and consistent health care and health management. Services provided are essential for maintaining and promoting student achievement in a safe and respectful environment. School nurses and health services paraprofessionals work together to meet the health needs of students. This team has a unique understanding of students' physical, social, and emotional health and the resulting impact on learning. 

Licensed School Nurses

  • Develop and supervise a system of first aid, illness management, emergency care and health related policies
  • Assess, plan and document for students with health issues
  • Provide and plan the direct services for chronically ill or medically fragile student needing health procedures
  • Plan and provide for vision and hearing screening and do follow-up with referrals
  • Serve as a resource to staff, students, families regarding health concerns and health education
  • Coordinate prevention and control of communicable diseases
  • Monitor immunizations compliance per MN immunization laws
  • Have a baccalaureate degree and are licensed in public health and school nursing
Health Services Paraprofessionals (HSP)
  • Provide immediate first aid and comfort to injured students
  • Provide care to students who become ill or have health concerns during the school day
  • Maintain documentation of immunizations and other health issues as part of the health records
  • Administer medications under the direction of the Licensed School Nurse
  • Are certified in CPR and trained in first aid

Health Services Offices
Each school is staffed by a Health Services Paraprofessional (HSP) under the supervision and direction of the Licensed School Nurse. 


Information and Forms

Health Forms


All students must comply with Minnesota immunization laws. All students transferring to the Eden Prairie School District must provide immunization information when registering. All immunizations must be up-to-date prior to starting school or the child will not be allowed to enter school until the immunizations are obtained.  If you have additional questions please feel free to contact the school building health room staff.

Additional Information: Minnesota Department of Health

Chronic Conditions

When a student has a diagnosed condition (i.e., diabetes, asthma, seizures, heart conditions or severe allergies), it is necessary for the parents to provide this information at the beginning of each school year on the health and emergency information form. Parents will receive a medical management plan stating what steps typically will be taken if an emergency situation occurs. Parents, the student and the school nurse will collaborate to individualize the plan to meet the student's specific health needs. Any restriction or limitations at school will be included. Students' health information will be shared with appropriate school personnel, keeping in mind confidentiality.

Homebound instruction is available after 15 consecutive school days of absence. Requests can be made through the school nurse, counselor or social worker.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact the school building health room staff. 


One of the goals of health services is to assure a healthy environment. Many students and families are frequently concerned about when students should stay home or attend school. View detailed information on some common childhood illnesses. The following information is intended to help with this decision.

  • If student has a fever of 100 degrees or more, the student should stay home for 24 hours after the temperature returns to normal.
  • If student has vomited or had diarrhea, the student should stay home until 24 hours after the last episode.
  • If student has any rash that may be disease-related or the cause is unknown, check with your family physician before sending the student to school.
  • If student is ill at home, please call the school attendance line daily to report the reason for absence. It is helpful if specific symptoms and/or diagnosis are reported.

The health services paraprofessional at your child's school should be notified when a student has a communicable condition (i.e., chicken pox, strep throat or head lice) so appropriate measures may be taken. Notices may be sent home when these conditions occur in a student's classroom.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact the school building health room staff.


Medications can be dispensed in school only when absolutely necessary and for the well-being of the student. All medications must be kept in the school health room unless special arrangements are made with the School Nurse for that building. 

Prescription & Non-Prescription Medication
The student's physician must either write a separate prescription for school or use a district medication form stating the reason for the medication, the dosage, time and frequency that the medication should be administered by school personnel.
Parents must also provide signed permission for school personnel to administer medication.
Prescription medication must be supplied in original labeled prescription bottles. Ask pharmacist for a bottle for home and one for school each time the prescription is refilled. Non-prescription medication must be provided in the original labeled container.

If you have additional questions please feel free to contact the school building health room staff.


Prescription Medication Form

Non-Prescription Medication Form

Screening (Vision and Hearing)

Students will be screened according to the Minnesota Department of Health recommendations. Parents or teachers can also request vision or hearing screening any time if they have a concern about their child. If a student does not pass the vision or hearing screening procedures, the screening will be repeated. If the student does not pass the screening the second time, a physician referral notice will be sent to the parent. Parents are strongly encouraged to return the referral form to the school's Health Services office. 


Animals and pets are not allowed to visit inside schools without principal permission and specific policy requirements. This policy is in place because of student and staff health needs and air quality issues. Some exceptions may be made; please check with the principal before bringing any animals in the classroom. Eden Prairie Schools encourages a fragrance aware and latex limited environment. "Fragrance Aware" means that we will try to have a fragrance and scent-free environment. "Latex Limited" means that no latex gloves or latex balloons are allowed. 

Stock EpiPen Protocol

First page of the PDF file: EdenPrairieStockEpiPenProtocol