MyPaymentsPlus Account Set Up

If you already have an account created, scroll down to the “How to Pay Fee” section.

How to Create a MyPaymentsPlus Account

Go to

Step 1: Choose "Register Now".

Step 2: Create your profile.

  • Select your state and school/school district from the dropdowns.
  • Enter your first name, last name, e-mail and password.
  • Enter an active e‐mail address. It’s important to enter a correct address so that you can receive e‐mail reminders, username/password information, and payment confirmations.
  • Select "Register".

Step 3: Add your student/patron to the account.

  • Please select “I have a student enrolled or I am a staff member of this district.” (If you are the student, the same directions apply.)
  • Select
  • Enter your child’s student ID number and last name (if you are the student, please enter your information).
  • Student ID numbers may usually be obtained by contacting your student’s school.
  • If your child’s last name has a suffix, please keep this in mind when entering the last name. Ex. “Smith Jr.” “Smith IV” “Smith‐Arnold”
  • If you wish to add another student, repeat step 1.
  • Select "Done".

Step 4: Confirm your profile.

  • Select the “My Account” tab.
  • Verify that all information you entered is correct.
  • If you need to change any of the information, you can click on the Edit link next to each section title.
  • You can “Manage Students” on the left side of your screen.

Step 5: Your registration is complete!

How to Pay Fee assigned to my student’s MyPaymentsPlus Account

Step 1: Go to

  • Log in using your Username and Password.
  • If you have not already created a MyPaymentsPlus account, follow the instructions above for creating an account and attaching your students.

Step 2: On the dashboard, you will find any Fees assigned to your students and Events & Activities that your students are eligible to register for. Find and click on the activity that you would like to register for.

Step 3: On the next screen, you can confirm the $ amount the click "add to cart". At this time you may be directed to complete any applicable forms. When filling out forms, it is important you complete all required fields on a form as the system will not move forward if the fields are not completed.

Step 4: After fees have been added to your cart, then click "Check out".

Step 5: If items in your cart are accurate, select "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT". If an item needs to be moved from your cart, select "Delete".

Step 6: Choose or add a new payment method. Review the “Order Summary”. Select "Pay for Order" to compete payment of fee.

If you believe a fee was assessed to your student in error, please contact Danyel Post,

If you experience problems with mypaymentsplus, please call the mypaymentsplus Parent Support line at 1-877-237-0946.