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Welcome to the Eden Prairie Schools Facilities and Safety Department. We are dedicated to providing quality facilities and grounds that are safe for all who use the property maintained by Eden Prairie Schools. The buildings and grounds of Eden Prairie Schools are used year-round and are occupied from 8 to 14 hours a day, depending on the site.

The Facilities and Safety Department maintains over 1.7 million square feet of facilities and over 230 acres of grounds for Eden Prairie Schools. Besides maintaining property we are a department that is dedicated to customer service. A staff of over 90 hard working and dedicated employees service Eden Prairie district buildings and grounds.

Facilities and Safety Information

Lead in Water


Eden Prairie Schools is committed to protecting student, teacher, and staff health. To protect our community, Eden Prairie Schools tests our schools’ drinking water for lead as required under Minnesota Statutes, section 121A.335 Lead in School Drinking Water (https://revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=121A.335)

Why Test School Drinking Water for Lead?

There is no known safe level of lead exposure. Children younger than six years old are most at risk due to their rapid rate of growth and ongoing brain development. Exposure to lead can cause damage to the brain, nervous system, red blood cells, and kidneys. Lead also has the potential to cause lower IQs, hearing impairments, reduced attention span, hyperactivity, developmental delays, and poor classroom performance. Pregnant women and their fetuses are especially vulnerable to lead exposure since lead can significantly harm the fetus, causing lower birth weight and slowing normal mental and physical developments.

Is Our School’s Drinking Water Safe?

Yes, our schools’ water is safe. Eden Prairie Schools tested our drinking water for lead. We tested 740 drinking water taps; 726 tested below EPA’s guidance level of 20 ppb for lead. To reduce lead exposure, our school has removed or replaced all fixtures that tested 20 ppb or greater. To ensure these actions remain effective at reducing lead in our schools, we will do follow-up testing. The next time we will test for lead is 2024.

How Can I Learn More?

You can see a copy of all our water testing results at the school district’s central office and on our website at www.edenpr.org.

For more information about water quality in our schools, please contact James Anderson at the Administrative Serviced Center, at 952-975-7126. For information about water quality and sampling for lead at home, contact your local water supplier or state drinking water agency. You may find additional information about lead at: Lead (http://www.health.state.mn.us/topics/lead/index.html)

Test Summary

First page of the PDF file: RPT201811133Lead-in-WaterTestingSummary

Thinking Green

What happens when a building “Thinks Green”

When you visit many of the schools in the district, you might wonder about the blue Energy Star displayed on some of the buildings. What do they mean? And why did that building receive one?

The Energy Star was born out of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save money on energy costs. The program is a joint effort between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. The partnership has delivered a proven energy management strategy that works. The blue “Energy Stars” are a badge of honor for our buildings. It indicates that a high degree of energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions have been achieved.

The person behind these accomplishments is James Anderson, director of facilities and safety for Eden Prairie Schools. His forward-thinking efforts have resulted in acquiring the plaques that represent good news for both our students and our district.

Some of the efforts that Jim initiated across the district are as simple as getting everyone to turn off lights and computer monitors when not in use. Other changes involved switching to energy efficient light bulbs and switches that are sensor operated. Keeping district equipment running in tip-top shape also conserves energy.

Energy Star awards prove we are doing our part in the fight to reduce the negative impact on the environment while establishing our district as a leader in “thinking green” for our students today and on into the future.

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Jim Anderson | james_anderson@edenpr.k12.mn.us | 952-975-7126