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Welcome to the Eden Prairie Schools Communications Department. Communications between Eden Prairie Schools and its community members, parents, and students is an important aspect of educating children. In addition to providing our stakeholders with information, hearing from our stakeholders is just as important—whether it be an email or phone call with a question or feedback—we are happy to hear from you.

In an effort to keep you informed about Eden Prairie Schools, we communicate in a number of ways including through the district website, electronic newsletters, print newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.


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Connect with Us on Social Media

Eden Prairie Schools has district FacebookTwitter and Instagram accounts to engage our parents, staff, students and community. Don't miss out on the great things taking place at Eden Prairie Schools. View Eden Prairie Schools' videos on YouTube. View the district's social media guidelines below.

    Social Media Guidelines

     We plan to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as another way to share information about the many exciting things happening in our schools. Our district Facebook and Twitter accounts also provide an opportunity for you to share your thoughts with us. We invite you to post your comments and offer your insights. We want these pages to be a conversation between the community and its school district. Having a respectful and open dialogue about important issues is the greatest benefit of this page.

    In order to maintain the purpose of these pages, we have developed the following guidelines for participation on this page:

    • Remain respectful with your comments. Personal attacks are not productive and will be removed.
    • Stay focused on relevant topics. Comments are welcome as long as they relate to our district and the content posted on the site.
    • Use other methods to communicate with district or school staff. If you have a question or comment for a staff member, contact them directly via phone or email rather than posting on the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram sites.

    We are viewing the district’s Facebook, Twitter Instagram and YouTube pages as a fun, less formal way to connect with our community. We hope you will find it to be useful and will help us keep the sites productive and positive. While we do not anticipate any difficulty, we do reserve the right to remove comments that are inappropriate or not aligned with the purpose of these sites.

    If you have any questions, contact the district’s communication department at 952-975-7150 or

    Contact Us

    Lisa Babington

    Titles: Office Professional
    Phone Numbers:
    School: 952 975-7154

    Brett Johnson

    Titles: Senior Director of Communications and Community Relations
    Phone Numbers:
    School: 952-975-7151

    Kelly Kison

    Titles: Marketing & Communications Coordinator
    Phone Numbers:
    School: 952-975-7157

    Tanya Smith

    Titles: Communications Specialist
    Phone Numbers:
    School: 952-975-7066