What Makes Us Unique

Personalized Learning

Our approach to learning inspires and empowers each student by fostering meaningful relationships, maintaining high expectations, promoting continuous growth, and providing authentic opportunities for engagement.

A+ Rating

Eden Prairie Schools is the only district in the state with straight As from Niche. This is a testament to the great work our staff engage in on a daily basis, the hard work of our students, and the support of our parents and community.

Student Safety

The safety and wellbeing of all students is a top priority. EP Online students can take classes, interact with students, play games and participate in active lessons all within their own home. 

Small Class Sizes

We are committed to low class sizes and have the lowest average kindergarten through 2nd grade class size in the west metro.

Highly Qualified Staff

We attract, develop and retain some of the most talented and sought-after professionals in the state. All of our teachers are fully qualified for their positions, and 76% have a masters degree or beyond. Our teachers are passionate about supporting each unique student and helping him or her succeed.

Family Involvement

We believe family involvement is one of the primary keys to student success. We partner with parents to enhance the educational environment for all of our students. Parents are welcome and invited.

Unique Academic Opportunities

Eden Prairie Online offers exceptional academic opportunities with customized learning plans, diverse subjects, and innovative teaching methods, to help students achieve their unique potential.

Empowering Curriculum

Our curriculum is focused on building a strong foundation in core subject areas while also promoting critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication across all learning.


We Inspire Each


The Student Experience


We believe it is our purpose to create an environment of care and support where each student is inspired every day. We can do this best by knowing them as learners and individuals, recognizing their skills and motivations, and pushing them to excel. At Eden Prairie Schools, students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning while exploring their interests and finding passions. Learn more!


Our students have access to the largest variety of athletic, academic and music options in Minnesota, giving them more opportunities to explore their interests. These opportunities help students learn time management, build self-esteem, and allow them to contribute to their school community in different ways. Learn more!

Student and Family Support

At Eden Prairie Schools, we want each learner to be successful and we know that every child has unique abilities and needs. We offer a full range of programs and opportunities to challenge and support students at every age and stage of the education spectrum. Learn more!


Learners thrive best in an environment that challenges and nurtures individuals, fosters, mutual respect and celebrates diversity. Eden Prairie Schools strives to meet the unique educational needs of every student who walks through our doors. Learn more!

Exploring Interests and Finding Passions

Our students have multiple chances to serve others in the school and community. We believe learners thrive in an environment that challenges and nurtures individuals, fosters mutual respect and celebrates diversity.

Serving Each Other
Technology Support

At Eden Prairie Schools, we want each learner to be successful and we know that starts with reliable technology. Our technology support staff can help when students need it. Learn more!


Connect With Us

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