What Makes Us Unique

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Personalized Learning

Discover personalized learning in the best online school in Minnesota, where we embrace an inspiring and empowering approach. Our program is designed to foster meaningful relationships, set high expectations, promote continuous growth, and hands-on learning.

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A+ Rating

Experience academic excellence with Eden Prairie School, the only district in Minnesota awarded straight As by Niche. At EP Online, we take great pride in the fact that all our teachers are from Eden Prairie Schools, ensuring top-tier education. Our dedicated staff, hardworking students, and supportive parents and community contribute to this outstanding achievement.

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Student Safety

For students experiencing bullying or drama at school, attending EP Online in the comfort and safety of their own home could be a perfect fit. Secure communication, strict user verification, and moderation keeps our students safe and focused on learning. 

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Small Class Sizes

Experience the benefits of small class sizes in our online school. Our dedicated focus on personalized attention and meaningful student-teacher interactions sets us apart. We proudly offer the smallest average grade K-2 class sizes in the west metro. At every grade level, we prioritize individualized care for each student, ensuring their growth and success.

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Highly Qualified Staff

76% of our EP Online teachers hold a master's degree or higher are passionate about fostering each student's success. Our dedicated team of teachers and support staff create a dynamic and engaging learning environment, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and support on their educational journey.

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Family Involvement

Join our supportive community where parents are invited to weekly check ins with teachers and actively participate in their child's education. Family involvement creates a nurturing environment that fosters growth for all students.

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Unique Academic Opportunities

Students can explore a wide variety of academic opportunities at EP Online. We provide over a dozen online AP classes, diverse course subjects, special education services, and curriculum for all grades, including online kindergarten.

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Empowering Curriculum

Our curriculum and teachers elevate your child's education by emphasizing core subjects and nurturing critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills. Prepare them for a successful future in a rigorous online school environment!


The Student Experience

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Discover a whole new way of learning in EP Online. Meet and make friends with students from all over the state, no matter where you live. Our online platform brings everyone together, so you can study, connect, and work on projects with peers from different backgrounds. Embrace technology to build lasting friendships and learn from each other. 

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In EP Online, our students have access to a wide range of co-curriculars. Whether students choose to participate in Eden Prairie Schools' co-curricular activities or opt for their local district's offerings, we ensure that they can explore and engage in diverse activities to enhance their learning experience. Learn more!

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Student and Family Support

In EP Online, we help students succeed by understanding their unique strengths and needs, providing a nurturing environment for growth and achievement. With personalized support for students and families, we guide every learner on their educational journey, ensuring they reach their goals with confidence. Learn more!

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In EP Online, we believe that learners flourish when they are supported, challenged, and respected in a diverse community. We are committed to building a strong community that celebrates each student's unique identity and empowers every student to thrive in their educational journey. Learn more!

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Exploring Interests and Finding Passions

EP Online offers a wide variety of courses, including over a dozen AP classes. With electives ranging from Web Development to Theater Performance Techniques, there's something for every student's academic interests and aspirations. Take a look at our full course catalog!

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Education for the 21st Century

Our online school empowers students with the latest technology, vital skills, and the ability to succeed in the digital world. Discover a dynamic curriculum, personalized learning, and caring teachers to guide each student. Prepare for a bright tomorrow by mastering the latest tech, critical thinking, and creativity. 

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Technology Support

In EP Online, we prioritize each learner's success, and it all starts with our dependable technology services. Our dedicated technology support team is here to assist students whenever they need help. We are committed to empowering learners with the best possible tools for success. Learn more!


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