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Job Board

This page is maintained by the Work Experience Department at Eden Prairie High School. It is our intent to provide access to our job bulletin board to anyone looking for part-time employment through the internet.

Helpful tips are listed below:

  • Job postings are available in the following categories: office, restaurant, retail, childcare/eldercare and other.
  • Since we are only providing a job posting service, prospective employees should contact the employers directly to seek further job information.
  • Additional opportunities are posted on the hard copy job bulletin boards on first floor just off the old commons and across from the elevator and outside the counseling office.
  • Employers who wish to post part-time job opportunities on the Job Board should contact the work coordinators in our Work Experience Department.
  • We would appreciate employers calling us when a job position has been filled so that we may keep our Job Board as updated as possible.

If you have questions, please contact the Work Experience Department at (952) 975-8260 or (952) 975-8262.

This Job Board is a service provided by the Work Experience department at Eden Prairie High School. While every effort is made to be accurate and timely there is no guarantee. Specific information about any job should be obtained directly from the employer by the job seeker.

Restaurant Jobs

(posted 9/3/19)
  • Job Title/Duties: Crew Members
  • Hours: Various
  • Address: 7725 Flying Cloud Dr, 16384 Wagner Way, 8875 Columbine Rd, Eden Prairie
  • Wage: Competitive
  • Contact name: Rhonda Jahnke
  • Contact phone/email: 952.220.9353 mailto:Rjahnke@asisubway.com
  • Other information: Apply in person or at http://mysubwaycareer.com


(posted 9/13/19)
  • Job Title/Duties: Customer Service, Filling Orders, Starbucks Servers, Light Food Prep
  • Hours: Various
  • Address: 7000 Washington Ave S., Eden Prairie
  • Wage: Competitive
  • Contact name: Lisa
  • Contact phone/email:  952.457.8334  mailto:lisa@championshall.net
  • Other information: Must be 16 years old

(posted 9/13/19)
  • Job Title/Duties: Delivery Drivers, Supervisors, Crew Members 
  • Hours: Various
  • Address: 7416 Mitchell Rd, Eden Prairie, 1400 County Rd 101 N, Plymouth
  • Wage: Drivers: $9.86 per hour + tips. Other positions: Competitive 
  • Contact name: Ask for store manager
  • Contact phone: EP 952.937.1589 PLY 763.473.0055
  • Other information:  Drivers must be 18 and have clean record.  Apply in person.

(posted 9/19/19)
Pei Wei 
  • Job Title/Duties: Host/Team Members
  • Hours: Various (flexible schedule, no late nights)
  • Address: 12561 Castlemoor Dr., Eden Prairie
  • Wage: Competitive 
  • Other information: Uniform provided, Employee Referral Program
  • Apply online at http://www.peiwei.com/jobs  OR email resume to mailto:edenprairie0077@peiwei.com 


Childcare/Elder Care Jobs

(posted 9/3/19)
  • Job Title/Duties:  Childcare Workers
  • Hours:  3:00 to 6:00 pm, no weekends
  • Address: 14730 Excelsior Blvd., Minnetonka
  • Wage: Competitive
  • Contact name: Katie
  • Contact phone/email: 952.977.9956 mailto:PPMinnetonka@gmail.com
  • Other information:  Call or email for more information


(posted 9/24/19)

(posted 9/27/19)
HOME senior community services
  • Job Title/Duties:  Snow Removal for Seniors
  • Hours:  Weather dependent, remove snow within 24 hours for accumulation of 2 inches or more
  • Address: Various
  • Wage: $20 per hour.  Record own time.  
  • Contact phone/email: 952-767-7893  mailto:seasonalwork@seniorcommunity.org
  • Other information: Must be 16, have own transportation, and own shovel or snow blowing equipment.  

(posted 10/1/19)

Presbyterian Homes & Services/CASTLE RIDGE

  • Job Title/Duties:  Servers

  • Hours:  Various/Flexible

  • Address: 625 Prairie Center Dr., Eden Prairie

  • Wage: $11.34-$14.81 per hour  

  • Contact name: Molly Pahl

  • Contact phone/email: 952.942.2100 mailto:recruiter@preshomes.org

  • Other information: Apply online at http://presumes.org/careers

(posted 10/9/19)


  • Job Title/Duties:  Servers (16 years), Cooks (18 years), Caregivers (17 years), Life Engagement Coaches (16 years)

  • Hours:  Various/flexible scheduling

  • Address: 500 S. Cherry St., Waconia

  • Wage: Servers $12 per hour Cooks $15 per hour, Caregivers $15.50 per hour, Life Engagement Coach $12 per hour ($1000 sign-on bonus)  

  • Contact phone: 612.787.5353 

  • Other information:  Apply at the number above or online at http://www.npseniorliving.com

    • Age requirements:  Servers and Life Engagement Coaches must me 16 years, Caregivers 17 years, Cooks 18 years

Retail Jobs

(posted 9/3/19)
  • Job Title/Duties:  Cashier, Customer Service/Sales, Lot Associates
  • Hours: Various
  • Address: 13100 Valley View Road, Eden Prairie
  • Wage: Competitive
  • Contact name: Bethany George
  • Contact phone:  770.384.2539
  • Other information: Apply online at http://careers.homedepot.com

(posted 9/19/19)
Prairie Lawn & Garden
  • Job Title/Duties:  Parts/Sales Associates, Warehouse Associates (assembly, loading)
  • Hours: Flexible hours Monday - Saturday
  • Address: 15916 W. 78th St., Eden Prairie
  • Wage: Based on experience, but NONE needed
  • Contact phone:  952.937.2100
  • Other information: Apply in person or inquire by email at mailto:prairielawnandgarden@gmail.com

(posted 9/20/19)
  • Job Title/Duties:  Customer Service 
  • Hours: SEASONAL, various hours
  • Address: 12011 Technology Dr., Eden Prairie
  • Wage: $15/hour
  • Contact phone:  952.943.4801
  • Other information: Must be 18 years old.  Apply online at https://www.costco.com/jobs.html, then follow up at the number above.

Office Jobs

(posted 9/3/19)
  • Job Title/Duties:
  • Hours:
  • Address:
  • Wage:
  • Contact name:
  • Contact phone/email:
  • Other information:

Other Jobs

(posted 9/17/19)
  • Job Title/Duties:  Lifeguards, Swim Instructors, Kids, Operations, Life Cafe
  • Hours: Various
  • Address: 2990 Southdale Center, Edina
  • Wage: Lifeguards $12, Swim Instructors $14, Kids $10, Operations $12, Life Cafe $10
  • Other information: Apply online at https://careers.lifetime.life/job

(posted 10/1/19)


(posted 10/8/19)
Discount Tire
  • Job Title/Duties: Tire Technicians
    • Install and repair tires, provide customer service, complete maintenance - TRAINING PROVIDED
  • Hours: Evenings and weekends
  • Address: 7915 Eden Rd, Eden Prairie
  • Wage: $14-$18 per hour depending on availability
  • Other information: Apply online at http://careers.discounttires.com

(posted 10/8/19)
  • Job Title/Duties: Aviation Line Associates
    • Cleaning, maintenance, customer service, baggage and shuttle services
  • Hours: Evenings and weekends
  • Address: Office: 14801 Pioneer Tr, Eden Prairie
  • Wage: Competitive
  • Other information: Apply online at https://www.fargojet.com/careers/
    • Work with heights and chemicals and be able to lift 50 pounds