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How do I get a senior privilege?

How do I get a senior privilege? Beginning with the first term, senior students may earn a senior privilege to leave campus during an open hour or lunch based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • No disciplinary infractions in the previous term.
  • No violations of the attendance policy.
  • Satisfactory progress toward graduation.
  • Application signed by parents/guardians, dean, Connections advisor, media center.
  • No outstanding fines.

Senior Privilege can be revoked at any time. Students may re-apply for Senior Privilege at the beginning of each term.

Who do I ask about a jammed locker door?

Who do I ask about a jammed locker door? Contact the Student Centers. 

Is there a map of the school? 

Is there a map of the school? Printed maps of the interior of EPHS are available at the Student Centers.

Who do I ask for technical help on the Portal?

Who do I ask for technical help on the Portal? If there are problems logging into the website call or email the parent helpline: 952-975-7094, helpline@edenpr.org.

How do I contact my counselor?

How do I contact my counselor? EPHS Counselors are located in the Student Center East and are divided up alphabetically. 

How do I get a letter of recommendation?

How do I get a letter of recommendation? First, make sure that the college requires a letter of recommendation. Second, check the application deadline and allow at least two weeks for the teacher/counselor to complete the recommendation. Contact the teacher and/or counselor personally. 

How does a parent get a message to a student?

How does a parent get a message to a student? Call 975-8000. Calls requesting that a message be given to a student during the school day must be limited to parents/guardians. Paging students to pick up messages is limited to only passing times, before and after school. Students are responsible, once paged, to report to their student center to pick up their message. Calling into a classroom is reserved for emergencies only. All emergency calls will be referred to the health office, the student's dean, counselor or principals office. Parents calling a student's cell phone may leave messages only. Students may not access their cell phones during school time. 

Where are the lunch menus?

Where are the lunch menus? Lunch menus can be found in the Daily Bulletin, TV Monitors, and website.

What clubs are available at EPHS?

What clubs are available at EPHS? Information on all the academic and co-curricular clubs, along with athletics, offered at EPHS can be found under the "Activities" tab in the top navigation bar.

Where do I find the announcements?

Where do I find the announcements? Printed copies of the Daily Bulletin are posted throughout the building each day including in the Student Centers, Resource Center, and Media Center. In addition, TV monitors located in common areas and in classrooms have announcements scrolling on Channel 19. The Daily Bulletin is available on the website.

How do I change a schedule?

How do I change a schedule? Contact your school Counselor.

Where do I find student parking information?

Parking questions? Below is the general parking information taken from the Handbook. For specific questions, please contact one of the Student Deans.

  • Driving to School: Students who choose to drive to school will operate their vehicles in conformance with all rules and regulations of the state of Minnesota, the city of Eden Prairie, and School District 272 Board of Education policy governing the reserved parking lot. Motor vehicles must be licensed and covered by insurance. The school is not responsible for the motor vehicle or its contents. It is important to remember that driving to school is considered a privilege and rules will be strictly enforced. Limited daily parking permits are available for $5 and must be purchased a day in advance. Permits are to be purchased at Student Center South. Students must have their driver’s license and car license plate number to purchase a permit.
  • Students: Students who choose to park on campus must purchase a yearly parking permit for $350 or $200. Yearly passes are available by a seniority system. Students may not park their vehicles in the staff or visitor lots. Students parking on campus without a parking permit are subject to penalties. See specific policies under student management guidelines on page 28.
  • Visitors: Visitors to the building are asked to park in the visitors’ parking lots located on the east, north and south sides of the building and sign in at the visitor’s desk.

How does a parent excuse a student from school?

How does a parent excuse a student from school? Parents are encouraged to call the school prior to 11 a.m. each day their student is absent. Parents must follow procedures for excusing students. The attendance line is: 952-975-8001.

  • For Spanish: Mi hijo/a estara ausente de la escuela o tiene una cit ahoy. Llame a la escuela: 952-975-4222.
  • For Somali: Ilmahaygu ma iman doono dugsiga ama wuxuu Leeyahay ballan takjtar. Soo wac dugsiga: 952-975-2444.

All absences must be called in within 48 hours; no absences will be excused after that time period. Notes are not accepted.School will not accept calls from parents/guardians to excuse their student from missing a class while remaining in the building. For more details on Attendance policies, see the Handbook.