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Welcome to the EPHS Counseling Department. All school counselors have a minimum of a Master's Degree in school counseling and are licensed by the State of Minnesota. Counselors are available through individual appointments, group guidance activities, walk-ins, emails, and voicemail. Counselors offer support to examine each student's personal, social, career and/or academic issues. Counselors help students clarify their feelings, thoughts and behaviors; explore alternatives; and make decisions. For more information on school counselors, visit the Minnesota School Counselor Association or the American School Counselor Association.

The goals of counseling department are:

  • To provide respectful, meaningful services for each student
  • To provide safe, confidential support to each student
  • To help each student understand and appreciate his or her uniqueness
  • To help each student enhance skills to promote positive change
  • To have each senior develop a future plan and graduate 

Contact Us

  • Anthea Amsler, Counselor (A-Br)*
  • Rachel Schmidt, Counselor (Bs-Fa)*
  • Jennifer Silverberg, Counselor (Fb-Ho)*
  • Lenny Moskowitz, Counselor (Hp-Le)*
  • Jeremy Miller, Counselor (Lf-Mon)
  • Amanda Boztepe, Counselor (Moo-Raj)*
  • Lisa Quiring, Counselor (Rak-Sv)*
  • Robin Zydowsky, Counselor (Sw-Z)*
  • Elizabeth McNamara, College & Career Student Specialist

* In the 2019-20 school year, seniors will remain with the counselor they had the previous year.

Student Center East Phone Numbers

Julie Johnson (A - Le) 952-975-8021; Martine Knothe (Lf - Z) 952-975-8030

Student Center East Fax Number 952-975-8321


Naviance Student is a comprehensive resource which helps students navigate their career and college search process. The Career Resource Center maintains updated schedules of college visits, scholarships and enrichment opportunities on Naviance Student. Additionally, the site provides other valuable resources such as career profiles, college search tools, career assessment tools, and information about application outcomes (accepted, waitlisted, denied) for Eden Prairie High School graduates. Features such as saved searches and grouping make it easy to organize your college search process.  All students should log on to Naviance Student as early as possible and ensure that they maintain an updated profile page with email contact information.

Students can sign into Naviance Student using their username (student ID) and password (birthdate: i.e. 9/7/2011 with dashes and full year).

Parents are welcome to also sign into Naviance Student as a guest to have access to college visit information, scholarships, enrichment and college search functions.

Log on to Naviance Student

Counselor Forms

Post-Secondary Planning

EPHS College and Career Programming

Eden Prairie High School provides a robust college and career readiness curriculum for students with activities focused on each grade level. We subscribe to Naviance Family Connection, a web-based tool that allows our students to learn about themselves and find their right, post-secondary fit.  Each student sets a personal and academic goal that is specific, measurable, timely and attainable.

These personal and academic goals are set each term and have meaning to the student and an action plan to help them obtain the goal. All students will receive instruction and guidance on their registration process. Students will refer to previous Naviance activities stored in their account to individualize their upcoming registration.  Students will use their course planner in Naviance to continue to build their four-year plan.


College Planning

Visit the Career Resource Center page for additional information.


Family Resources

Family Resources Program

The goal of Community Education's Family Resources Program is to connect Eden Prairie students and families to resources in the community. 



  • Khan Academy

    Practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.


  • OpenEd

    K-12 Classroom Assessments, ACT Prep, Lesson Plans, Homework, Videos


  • Study Guides and Strategies

    An educational public service helping learners succeed in multiple languages.


Social and Emotional Health

Mental and Chemical Health

  • MentalHealth.gov


  • Minnesota Monitoring

    Home monitoring, drug and alcohol testing.


  • MoveFwd (formerly Teens Alone)

    Free, confidential, practical, strengths-based, solution-focused counseling services specifically for you. Move Fwd counseling addresses issues such as family problems, chemical use, abuse and neglect, situational depression and anxiety, families falling apart and possible emerging mental illness.


  • My Health

    The mission of My Health is to improve the health of our community by providing health services and information which support teens and young adults in making responsible and well-informed decisions.


  • Relate Counseling

    Relate Counseling Center is a nonprofit, community based mental and chemical health care center located in Minnetonka, Minnesota.


  • Washburn Center for Children

    Minnesota's leading children’s mental health center, caring for a wide variety of children’s needs.


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