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Welcome to the EPHS Counseling Department. All school counselors have a minimum of a Master's Degree in school counseling and are licensed by the State of Minnesota. Counselors are available through individual appointments, group guidance activities, walk-ins, emails, and voicemail. Counselors offer support to examine each student's personal, social, career and/or academic issues. Counselors help students clarify their feelings, thoughts and behaviors; explore alternatives; and make decisions. For more information on school counselors, visit the Minnesota School Counselor Association or the American School Counselor Association.

The goals of counseling department are:

  • To provide respectful, meaningful services for each student
  • To provide safe, confidential support to each student
  • To help each student understand and appreciate his or her uniqueness
  • To help each student enhance skills to promote positive change
  • To have each senior develop a future plan and graduate 

Counseling Staff

 Anthea Amsler  (952) 975-8031  Counselor (A-Br)*
 Rachel Schmidt  (952) 975-8027  Counselor (Bs-Fa)*
 Jennifer Silverberg  (952) 975-8039  Counselor (Fb-Ho)*
 Lenny Moskowitz  (952) 975-8032  Counselor (Hp-Le)*
 Jeremy Miller  (952) 975-8038  Counselor (Lf-Mon)
 Amanda Boztepe  (952) 975-8035  Counselor (Moo-Raj)*
 Lisa Quiring  (952) 975-8033  Counselor (Rak-Sv)*
 Robin Zydowsky  (952) 975-8034  Counselor (Sw-Z)*
 Elizabeth McNamara  (952) 975-8333  College & Career Student Specialist

* In the 2019-20 school year, seniors will remain with the counselor they had the previous year.

Contact Us

Student Center East Phone Numbers:

 Julie Johnson  (952) 975-8021  (A - Le)
 Martine Knothe  (952) 975-8030  (Lf - Z)
 Student Center East Fax  (952) 975-8321  


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