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How to Schedule an Appointment

For students and families, we have set up an online appointment scheduling system called Acuity. Acuity Scheduler will provide a seamless and direct platform for scheduling an appointment with your counselor/social worker/dean. Here is the link to reach all student support staff and the link for a virtual meeting through Zoom; you’ll also receive an email with the link for the Zoom meeting. If you are in the building, show confirmation/email to your teacher and come directly to Student Center East or South for your in-person appointment.

The video below walks you through the appointment scheduling process:
How to Access Counselors and Social Workers

Welcome to the EPHS Counseling Department. All school counselors have a minimum of a Master's Degree in school counseling and are licensed by the State of Minnesota. Counselors are available through individual appointments, group guidance activities, walk-ins, emails, and voicemail. Counselors offer support to examine each student's personal, social, career and/or academic issues. Counselors help students clarify their feelings, thoughts and behaviors; explore alternatives; and make decisions. For more information on school counselors, visit the Minnesota School Counselor Association or the American School Counselor Association.

The goals of counseling department are:

  • To provide respectful, meaningful services for each student
  • To provide safe, confidential support to each student
  • To help each student understand and appreciate his or her uniqueness
  • To help each student enhance skills to promote positive change
  • To have each senior develop a future plan and graduate 


Top Row: Lindsay Dvorak, Anthea Amsler, Lenny Moskowitz, Julie Johnson, Jennifer Hanson

Bottom Row: Jennifer Silverberg, Stephanie Bender, Rachel Schmidt, Amy Harnack, Lisa Quiring



Counseling Staff

Anthea Amsler

Counselor (A-BOE)

(952) 975-8031 

Lenny Moskowitz

Counselor (HEJ-K)

(952) 975-8032 

Lisa Quiring

Counselor (RB-SU)

(952) 975-8033

Rachel Schmidt

Counselor (BOF-ED)

(952) 975-8027

Amy Harnack

Counselor (L-MOS)

(952) 975-8038

Jenny Hanson

Counselor (MOT - RA)

(952) 975-8035

Jennifer Silverberg

Counselor (EE-HEI)

(952) 975-8039

Mark Otis

Counselor (SV - Z)


Abby Gee

College and Career Specialist

(952) 975-8333

Contact Us

Julie Johnson

Counselor Support (A-K)

(952) 975-8021 

Lindsay Dvorak

Counselor Support (L-Z)

(952) 975-8030

Student Center East Fax

(952) 975-8321


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Below you will find contacts and organizations that can provide students help in various areas of their life to improve their well-being.