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Student Support Teams

People in different roles partner together in support of your student. Each child is matched with an associate principal, counselor, and dean. In collaboration with our Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Facilitator/School Psychologist, these three roles meet regularly to discuss student grade data, attendance and any matters around behavior. Our social workers are consulted as needed.

Associate Principals oversee your teen’s support team and can help connect you with the appropriate person(s) to best support them.

  • Students with last names A-G: Victor Johnson
  • Students with last names H-N: New associate principal (to be hired)
  • Students with last names O-Z: Meg Bennett

Counselors offer support to help each student’s personal, social, career and/or academic progress. Students are matched with a counselor based on the student’s last name:

Grades 9-12

Elizabeth McNamara is our College & Career Student Specialist who helps with all topics related to imagining college and
career options, and developing proactive plans toward those. All students and families have access to the College & Career
Center, now located inside the Counseling Office in Student Center East.

Deans support students with positive behavior and attendance toward their academic success.

Social Workers at EPHS provide services to students to enhance their emotional well-being and improve their academic performance. Social Workers are often called on to help students, families, and teachers address problems such as truancy, social withdrawal, overaggressive behaviors, rebelliousness, and the effects of special physical, emotional, or economic problems. Social Workers help connect families with supportive resources in the community.
The Data-Based Instruction Site Coach leads data analysis and decision making systems to design and implement tiered levels of support to effectively meet the needs of each student.
To reach an associate principal or dean please contact:
To reach a counselor or social worker please contact:


We are so excited to welcome you back to school! Our appointments and offices may look different with new protocols due to COVID, we are working hard to ensure a safe environment for all students and staff. We are here for you, we are here to meet the needs of our students and families. To make this easier for students and families, we have set up an online appointment scheduling system called AcuityAcuity Scheduler will provide a seamless and direct platform for scheduling an appointment with your Counselor, Social Worker, Dean of Students and College and Career Student Specialist. Here is the link to reach all student support staff; you’ll also receive an email with the link for the Zoom meeting.

The video below walks you through the appointment scheduling process:
How to Access Counselors and Social Workers

If you are experiencing an emergency/crisis (non-covid/non-health related) while in school, please access support in East immediately.