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Click the following link to place your order for the 2019-20 Yearbook.

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Yearbook Staff

  • Location: Publications Room (208)
  • Fees: None
  • Grades: 9-12
  • Description: Staff is responsible for the photos, writing, designing, publication and sale of yearbook
  • Requirements/Expectations: Year-long commitment; strong writing skills, desktop publishing, photography and ability to meet deadlines a must
  • Season: School year
  • Times/Dates: After school; first block
  • Registration/Tryouts: Applications available during registration in the English Resource Center
  • Awards/Recognition: Publications awards and letters
  • New Student Information: Through announcements and guidance office
  • Advisor Contact: Kristen Saxhaug; kristen_saxhaug@edenpr.k12.mn.us

2019-20 Staff Application

* Deadline: Mon, Feb. 11, 2019 *

Yearbook Staff Application

Eyrie Newspaper

The Eyrie logo
  • Location: Publications Room (253)
  • Fees: None
  • Grades: 9-12
  • Description: A forum for student expression about issues regarding student life
  • Requirements/Expectations: Ability to write well, proofread, accept responsibility, meet deadlines, carry out commitments; team spirit
  • Season: School year
  • Times/Dates: Third period
  • Registration/Tryouts: Recommendation of an English teacher; submit a writing sample and completed application to obtain approval of newspaper adviser previous to registration; application available in the English Resource Center in late-December; applications and recommendations are required one week before standard registrations are due.
  • Awards/Recognition: Participation awards, lettering for two-year staff, potential state/national awards
  • Advisor Contact: Jodie Flolid; jflolid@edenpr.org


2019-20 Staff Application
* Deadline: Mon, Feb. 11, 2019 *
The Eyrie Website 


Literary Magazine

  • Location: Room 253
  • Description: A student-produced literary magazine. Showcase for creative student work; may include photography, poetry, song lyrics, very short stories, computer graphics, etc.
  • Requirements/Expectations: Meet deadlines, learn software, show creativity
  • Season: School Year
  • Registration/Tryouts: Application process with Eyrie Newspaper
  • Advisor Contact: Jodie Flolid; Jflolid@edenpr.org