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EPHS offers several intramural opportunities for students in grades 9-12 with the purpose of providing a safe, enjoyable environment for students of any skill level to participate in a variety of recreational activities. The activities offered are based on student interests and the facilities available for use. Co-ed student involvement is strongly encouraged in most activities. Based on total team registrations, the Student Activities Office reserves the right to group teams as needed. Teams will be divided into divisions based on grade and may be assigned a higher division for post-season play. The intramural department is open to any suggestions from students regarding other activities that should be offered. The current offerings are listed in the chart below. Stop by the activities office for registration dates and information.

Fall: Pinguard

Winter: Basketball, Boys Flag Football, Girls Flag Football, Pinguard, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee

Spring: Beach Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee

  • Contact: Jon Madson (Intramurals Coordinator) for more information or to sign up

Additional Info


There is a $20 intramural fee per student. This is paid at registration (cash or check made payable to EPHS).


  • Each participant will be given an EPHS intramural t-shirt. As part of the intramural registration process, the team captain will submit a completed team registration form that includes the t-shirt sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) for each of the team members.
  • Team names are not utilized in EPHS intramurals; rather, teams will be identified by the color of t-shirt that the team captain orders (colors based on availability, first to submit the completed team registration forms and fees, first served).
  • Each t-shirt will have the intramural activity logo and year on the front. Sorry - additional lettering and/or numbering cannot be added to the t-shirt.
  • Intramural t-shirts will be distributed in the Office of Student Activities to registered team members on the day of the team's first game. Students must present a current EPHS school ID to receive their t-shirt.
  • You must wear your team intramural t-shirt in order to participate in an intramural activity.

Conduct Policy

To assure good sport behavior at all Eden Prairie High School intramural activities, the following policy will be followed:

  • Inappropriate language, taunting of an opponent, or arguing with an intramural official will result in an immediate dismissal from the current game and a one-game suspension from intramural play. The second incident of a similar nature will result in immediate dismissal from the current game and further intramural play for that season without refund.
  • Any team that competes with a student who is not registered and on their official team roster will forfeit that game. A second ineligible player offense will result in the team being disqualified from the remainder of the current season without refund.
  • Any participant who is suspended from attending classes, for disciplinary reasons, is likewise suspended from intramural sports during the period of suspension.

Forfeit Policy

  •  "Game time is forfeit time." Once game time has arrived and a team does not have a sufficient number of eligible (rostered) players to start the game, the game shall be forfeited.
  • Two (2) forfeits during the regular season will make a team ineligible for post-season play. Teams will, however, be able to complete their regular season schedule. Three (3) forfeits and a team will automatically be dropped from all future regular and post-season play.