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Chamber Orchestra

  • Location: Orchestra room
  • Fees: $100
  • Description: The Eden Prairie High School Chamber Orchestra is considered an extension of the Eden Prairie High School Concert Orchestra; the Chamber Orchestra represents the excellence of the Eden Prairie High School Chamber Orchestra program through national/state tours, contests/festivals and community/school events
  • Requirements/Expectations: All members are expected to be involved in a private lesson experience to further develop their skills
  • Season: School year
  • Times/Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-7:40 a.m.
  • Registration/Tryouts: Auditions held each spring

Chamber Winds

  • Location: Band room
  • Fees: $30 per year
  • Description: Chamber Winds is a program that provides students with the opportunity to perform their woodwind or brass instrument in small groups of ten or less; Chamber Winds is a great place to develop musical independence, self confidence, team building and a strong work ethic
  • Requirements/Expectations: Members must be registered for a curricular band course during the term they participate; attendance at all rehearsals and performances
  • Season: School year
  • Times/Dates: Thursdays and Fridays; 7 a.m.
  • Registration/Tryouts: See band director or visit the band website.
  • Awards/Recognition: Participation points can accumulate toward a varsity letter
  • New Student Information: See band director or call 952-975-8090.

Eagle Marching Band (Grades 10-12)

  • Location: Band room
  • Fees: $150
  • Description: The marching band performs at all home football games, field show competitions/festivals and parades
  • Requirements/Expectations: Attend all rehearsals and performances; memorize music and equipment work
  • Season: Mid-July-October
  • Times/Dates: Monday and Thursday evenings; Saturday afternoon and evening; Sunday afternoon
  • Registration/Tryouts: Auditions in May for new students and students returning to band.
  • Awards/Recognition: Participation points can accumulate toward a varsity letter

Fall Colorguard and Winterguard

  • Location: Band room
  • Fees: $60 for Fall Colorguard; $75+ fee for Winterguard (additional fee includes costume and out-of-state travel expenses)
  • Description: Fall Colorguard is part of the marching band which performs at home football games and field show competitions; Winterguard is a separate group that competes in the Northstar Circuit throughout the winter
  • Requirements/Expectations: No experience necessary; we will teach you how to use and perform with equipment; dance experience is helpful, but not required
  • Season: Fall Colorguard: Mid July-October; Winterguard: November-March
  • Times/Dates:
  • Registration/Tryouts: Fall Colorguard: May of previous school year; Winterguard: November
  • Awards/Recognition: Participation points can accumulate toward a letter
  • Coach: Jared Peterson; Peterson.jared87@gmail.com

Jazz Band


  • Location: Band room
  • Fees: $100
  • Description: Students will study and perform a variety of jazz, rock, blues and fusion music and learn how to improvise
  • Requirements/Expectations: Students must be able to read music and play any of these instruments: saxophone, trombone, trumpet, trap set, bass, electric guitar; vibraphone or piano; as a member you are expected to attend all rehearsals; no previous jazz band experience necessary; student must be concurrently registered in Concert Band 2-4 terms
  • Season: November-May
  • Times/Dates: Mondays after school
  • Registration/Tryouts: Auditions held at the beginning of 2nd term; for more information visit the band website.
  • Awards/Recognition: Performances at school and community events; possible overnight trip; participation points accumulate toward a varsity letter; Lake Conference Jazz Festival

Pep Band

  • Location: Band room
  • Fees: None
  • Description: This group performs a variety of jazz, rock and "pop" arrangements at section final games and state tournament games for football, soccer,volleyball, boys hockey, girls hockey, boys basketball, and girls basketball.
  • Season: November-March
  • Times/Dates: See band director for schedule
  • Registration/Tryouts: All students concurrently registered in a Concert Band are eligible to participate
  • Awards/Recognition: Participation points can accumulate toward a varsity letter
  • New Student Information: See band director or call 952-975-8090

Percussion Ensemble

  • Location: Band room
  • Fees: $100
  • Description: Two percussion ensembles study and perform a variety of percussion literature including ethnic, popular and classical music styles; students perform on mallets, drums and accessory instruments
  • Requirements/Expectations: Auditions held during second term; members must be registered for a curricular band class and attend all rehearsals and performances
  • Season: December-May
  • Times/Dates: See band director for schedule
  • Registration/Tryouts: See band director for schedule; for more information, visit the band website
  • Awards/Recognition: The percussion ensemble has recently performed at the Minnesota Music Educators Convention and the Bands of America National Concert Band Festival; it is recognized as one of the premier high school performing ensembles in the region

Pit Orchestra

  • Location: Orchestra/Band room
  • Fees: None
  • Description: This is the orchestra or "pit band" for the annual fall musical; the group performs the original professional arrangements of famous Broadway musicals
  • Requirements/Expectations: Due to the individualized instrumentation students are required to attend all rehearsals and performances; there are no exceptions
  • Season: October through mid-November
  • Times/Dates: Rehearsals are twice a week after school or evenings; additional rehearsals in November
  • Registration/Tryouts: Students selected through an audition process in September
  • Awards/Recognition: Participation points can accumulate toward a varsity letter
  • New Student Information: See orchestra or band director

Eden Prairie Bands

Congratulations to the Eden Prairie Eagle Marching Band and Colorguard on a fantastic performance at the Bands of America Indianapolis Super Regional Championship this past weekend where they performed with 70 U.S. bands! We are super proud of this incredible group of 151 students who have dedicated the past 4 months and many long days achieving their show “No Limits”. We are very appreciative of our Band Directors Mike Whipkey and Michael Okwabi, several Sectional Coaches, and the many parent volunteers who make this amazing program happen.

As the Eagle Marching Band season comes to a close, we welcome students to get involved in the many other top notch band opportunities available this school year including jazz band, chamber winds, honors band, theatre pit, winter colorguard and winter drumline.

For more information, contact your school band director (grades 5-12) on brass and winds programs, contact Head Coach Jared Peterson at peterson.jared87@gmail.com for information on Winter Colorguard (grades 7-12)  and contact Mike Whipkey mike_whipkey@edenpr.k12.mn.us for information on Winter Drumline (grades 9-12).

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