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EPHS offers a wide range of student activities including competitive athletics, intramurals, academic clubs, co-curricular clubs, fine arts, performing arts, and student government.

Information regarding competitions and games for sport teams and clubs can be found on the Lake Conference website

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General Office Number: 952-975-8100

Activities Hotline: 952-975-8120

Activities Office Fax: 952-975-8104

Prairie Dome & Indoor Track Hotline: 952-975-8107 Open Use Schedule

Activities Office Staff

Last Name First Name Position Email Voicemail
Grant Mike Activities Director Mike_Grant@edenpr.org 952-975-8101
Barlass Jummy Activities Coordinator Jummy_Barlass@edenpr.org 952-975-8102
Rotschafer   Andrew Activities Coordinator Andrew_Rotschafer@edenpr.org 952-975-8107
Asfeld Jay Auditorium / PAC Manager Jay_Asfeld@edenpr.org 952-975-8144
Holloway   Nolana Support Staff - Student Finance Nolana_Holloway@edenpr.org              952-975-8103
Zaccardi Sherae Support Staff - Registration Sherae_Zaccardi@edenpr.org 952-975-8106
Madson John Evening Facilities Supervisor / Intramurals Jonathan_Madson@edenpr.org 952-975-8109


General Information

Award Policies

Eden Prairie High School has an award program consisting of chenilles, numerals, and certificates that provides that participant with a tangible memento of each season in which they participate.

Standards for Awards:

  • The Varsity Chenille: The first time a participant earns a letter for varsity level competition in any activity they will be awarded the varsity chenille (scarlet on black EP). Only one chenille will be awarded to a participant.
  • Varsity Certificates: This first varsity award and all subsequent varsity awards will be acknowledged by the awarding of the appropriate certificate indicating the number of varsity letters won by the participant of that activity.
  • The Chenille Numeral: The first time a participant participates on the sophomore or B-squad level, they will be awarded numerals representing the year of graduation. Students participating in those activities with only two levels of competition will be awarded numerals during the second year of participation. Only one set of numerals will be awarded to a participant.
  • JV and B-Squad Certificates: The first and subsequent numeral awards will be acknowledged by the awarding of the appropriate certificates.
  • Freshman Certificates: Participants in the 9th grade will be awarded certificates of participation except when participating at a level higher than the first high school level of competition.
  • Manager's Awards: A manager is defined as a participant who is present at practices as well as contests. Managers will receive awards as follows:
    • 1st varsity sport a varsity chenille
    • 2nd and subsequent varsity sport as per above policies
    • Each coach will establish standards for their sport following departmental guidelines.
    • Sub-varsity level managers will receive manager's certificates and/or numerals for B-squad or Freshman certificate for Freshman level.
  • Statistician's Awards:A statistician is defined as a participant who attends contests but not practices. Statisticians will receive awards as follows:
    • 1st Varsity sport - will receive a statistician's certificate
    • 2nd Varsity sport- varsity chenille
    • Subsequent sports- as per above policies

Captains' Practice

The following should be used as a guideline at Eden Prairie High School captains' practices:

  • Captains' practices must be initiated, organized and administered by captains only.
  • During the regular season, a coach may instruct the captains about what would constitute a good captains' practice and how to initiate, organize and administer a program. The coaches should do all of the coaching, instructing or evaluating of a squad during the regular season.
  • Coaches who arrange or encourage their captains to arrange for parental or "outside of school" coaches to administer captains' practice would be violating good coaching ethics.
  • Attendance should be voluntary and should not be limited.
  • It is difficult for an athlete to prepare for more than one sport at a time. A coach, who encourages team members to participate in captains' practice while they are still participating in a current sport, is not being fair to the individual or to the sport in which the student is participating.
  • Coaches should encourage students to participate in a sport that is in season. Coaches who educate captains to start captains' practices extremely early in a season would be discouraging students from participating in a current sport. That should not be the philosophy of Eden Prairie High School athletic coaches.
  • Captains' practices will be limited to the two weeks prior to the start of the season and will be scheduled on a space available basis. Adult supervision will be required.

Student Eligibility

Below is a checklist for student eligibility checklist. If you cannot check all 10 items, see the Activity Director Mike Grant or Principal Robb Virgin.

  • Making academic progress toward graduation.
  • Will not have turned 20 before the start of the season in which I participate.
  • Physical exam within the last three years on file with the school.
  • Have not transferred schools.
  • Will not play more than four seasons in any sport in grades 9-12.
  • Have not dropped out of school or repeated a grade while in school. Have not accepted cash or merchandise for participating in a sport.
  • Have not and will not compete in non-school events in my sport after reporting for the school team.
  • Have not and will not use tobacco or alcoholic beverages, use, consume have in possession, by sell or give away any other controlled substance, including steroids.
  • Have not and will not violate the racial/religious/sexual harassment/violence/and hazing bylaws of the Minnesota State High School League.

Good Sport Conduct

EPHS supports positive sport conduct by abiding by the Lake Conference Code of Conduct. The following acts of misconduct will not be tolerated and will be cause for removal without refund of admission:

  • Use of noisemakers, unauthorized musical instruments, whistles, sirens, horns, cowbells, fireworks, etc.
  • Displaying banners/placards: The Lake Conference does not allow banners/placards to be displayed at conference events. Banners/placards are described as any piece of paper or cardboard on which slogans, etc. are printed
  • Throwing of objects/sailing of paper airplanes
  • Use of obscene, profane or abusive language or gestures
  • Possessing or being under the influence of chemicals
  • Use of tobacco in any form
  • Unauthorized entry to the game
  • Harassment of opponents' team, officials, cheerleaders, band or any other performing group
  • Fighting, pushing or tripping and other behavior deemed dangerous
  • Climbing on, reaching over, or pounding on the glass at hockey arenas
  • Interfering with the rights of others to observe the game

Locker Rooms

EPHS provides locker rooms for athletics and Phy Ed. Please note the following:

  • Varsity locker rooms are for after-school athletic department use only. Phy Ed students are to use the Phy Ed locker rooms.
  • Only school-issued locks are to be used in the varsity locker rooms.
  • No cleated shoes are to be worn in the locker area.
  • Each athlete is responsible for making sure that their locker is kept locked and is cleaned out at the conclusion of the season.
  • Lockers will be emptied at the end of each season for cleaning.
  • Cleaning dates will be posted and announced.
  • Items left in lockers will be kept for one week, and then donated to charity.
  • All lockers will be assigned seasonally. Labels are available to students wishing to put their names on lockers. Only these labels may be used.

Open Gym

According to Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) policies, "open gym" refers to the use of school facilities for recreational activities. The characteristics of an open gym are:In order to assure compliance with these provisions, all open gyms must be scheduled through the Student Activities Office.

  • The school facilities are available for students to participate in a number of activities.
  • The recreational activities are open to all students.
  • There is no coaching of the skills and techniques of activities provided in the interscholastic program.
  • There is no requirement for students to attend open gym activities as a prerequisite for membership on a high school team.
  • High school coaches may not participate in games, pick-up games, provide skills instruction of a sport or otherwise influence a high school athlete's participation.

Training Room

First page of the PDF file: AthleticTrainingInformation

Weight Room

EPHS provides a weight room. Please note the following:

  • The EPHS weight room is under the direction of the weight room coordinator who will schedule its use when necessary.
  • Student users will be assessed a seasonal fee.
  • No one is allowed in this room without supervision.
  • Coaches must supervise the athletes on their teams when in-season workouts are scheduled.
  • Weights and other equipment must be returned to their proper place after each use.
  • The room is to be locked when use is over.

Season Passes

Seasonal student and adult passes are available through the Eden Prairie Booster Association. Call (952) 975-6800 for information.


Celebrations are scheduled throughout the school year. Often times, celebrations are scheduled to coordinate with major school activities such as Homecoming and Selgaes days.

Spectator Attendance at State Tournaments

Students wishing to be excused from classes to attend a state tournament as a spectator must have a parent call the attendance office the morning of the tournament. Students will be dismissed at an appropriate time to allow for travel to the tournament. Absences will be counted as part of the student's absence allocation.