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Eden Prairie Schools has partnered with Parchment for ease of ordering the documentation you need. The following circumstances listed below are eligible to use Parchment to request transcripts:

  • If you are a student and previously attended Eden Prairie High School, you can request your transcript through the link provided.  If your records are prior to 2000, please allow extra time for processing. 
  • If you are seeking education or graduation verification for a former student of Eden Prairie High School please use the link to set up your account and place your order. We use transcripts to provide graduation verification. Please allow extra processing time for students that graduated prior to 2000.

Request transcript

EPHS does not provide current students with transcripts through Parchment. If you are applying to colleges, you need to have an account in Scoir which is completely separate from Parchment.

If your records request is for documentation prior to the year 2000, please allow extra days for processing.

To reach out to a counselor or social worker, please contact:

  • Julie Johnson (A-K) 952-975-8021
  • Lindsay Dvorak (L-Z) 952-975-8030

Counselor names by student last name:

  • Anthea Amsler, Counselor (A-Boe)
  • Rachel Schmidt, Counselor (Bof-Ed)
  • Jennifer Silverberg, Counselor (Ee-Hei)
  • Lenny Moskowitz, Counselor (Hej-K)
  • Amy Harnack, Counselor (L-Mos)
  • Jennifer Hanson, Counselor (Mot-Ra)
  • Lisa Quiring, Counselor (Rb-Su)
  • TBD, Counselor (Sv-Z)