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Summer School

Letter to Parents/Guardians

Dear Parent/Guardian:  

You are receiving this letter because your child qualifies to recover a credit in one or more classes that will be offered via Summer School in the distance learning environment.  

Credit Recovery Summer School will run Monday-Friday from June 15-July 17, with the exception of July 3. Summer School hours are 10 am - 2 pm. There is no cost to attend. Daily attendance is required and students need to be committed to completing all required learning. Students must attend an online session each day with the teacher until their work is completed and they have met the required attendance hours. At that time, students will be finished and will not have to attend additional sessions. Seniors will return laptops when they have completed summer school credits.  

Please read the attached Continuous Learning Plan (CLP).  By clicking on and completing this summer school registration form it indicates your agreement with the CLP. Please complete the linked summer school registration form as soon as possible.

The first day of summer school is Monday, June 15th.  Please have your student log into the summer school Schoology course at 10:00 am on Monday, June 15 with the Schoology access codes below.  The summer school teacher will then connect with your student as to what they need to complete.

  • Math                      824T-NQVQ-6WGCC
  • Science                  QKX2-9M8F-FJXTK
  • English                   CT92-TFG3-NN2KK
  • Social Studies       MHHG-TF4P-D6XFR

If you have questions about specific courses your child needs to recover to remain on track to graduate, please contact your child’s Counselor.  Specific summer school questions can be directed to our Summer School Coordinator, Jenny Wagner at (952) 479-0366  or jwagner@edenpr.org.

Counselor Google Voice Email
 Anthea Amsler  (612) 217- 4130  anthea_amsler@edenpr.org
 Rachel Schmidt  (612) 389-8599  rachel_schmidt@edenpr.org
 Jennifer Silverberg  (612) 562-9343  jennifer_silverberg@edenpr.org
 Lenny Moskowitz  (612) 384-5462  lenny_moskowitz@edenpr.org
 Jeremy Miller  (612) 562-9240  jeremy_miller@edenpr.org
 Amanda Boztepe  (612) 562-9590  amanda_boztepe@edenpr.org
 Lisa Quiring  (612) 562-9291  lisa_quiring@edenpr.org
 Robin Zydowsky  (612) 562-6551  robin_zydowsky@edenpr.org







Continuous Learning Plan Form for Summer 2020