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Grading & Evaluation

This week our schools have finalized grading plans for the 2019-20 school year. These changes are one time only in recognition of our shift to distance learning this school year.

Eden Prairie High School

The grading scale for fourth quarter will be A, B, C, P, NC and I.

  • A, B and C remain the same.
  • Grades of D will be changed to pass (“P”), unless the student requests otherwise.
  • Non-passing grades will be Incomplete (“I”). In collaboration with the student and family, the counselor, associate principal and teacher will determine the best pathway for completing the course. Incomplete grades are temporary placeholders indicating that a student that has not demonstrated proficiency.
  • The pass or no credit (NC) option remains open through the school year. Students should contact their counselor. Pass or no credit grades are not calculated into GPA.