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Course Registration

Are you receiving an error message?

REGISTRATION NOTE:  Some students are getting an “error message” as they try to register for classes. Most often these are students registering for “skinny” classes for next year.  If you get an “error message” add the course of your choice as an ALTERNATE selection and we will be able to make sure it’s on your list of requests.

Course registration is an exciting time for our school as students consider which courses they will take next year. In this process, students should consult with their family, counselor, and teachers. They should consider progress thus far, dreams for the future, and how high school experiences can help achieve those. Our goal for you is that you maximize your time in high school by building relationships, pursuing your passions, and having truly inspiring educational experiences. At EPHS, we offer an amazing variety of courses to allow you to personalize your learning. As students select courses, we encourage them to challenge themselves, try new things, plan, and be proud of all they will accomplish.

2020-2021 Course Catalog

Please Register Carefully

Once the high school schedule is finalized, a student’s ability to switch, drop, add, or otherwise modify their course registration will be extremely limited. Register only for courses you intend to take and complete next year. The availability of courses described in this guide will be based on registration requests and staffing availability.

Listed prerequisites are courses or qualifications that must be met before a student begins the listed class. Students not meeting a listed prerequisite may be removed from the class.

A listed Registration Recommendation in a course description is highly recommended and designed to insure accurate course placement and student success.

Scheduling Errors

Because a thorough registration process occurred in February, there will not be an opportunity to change schedules. A student can only drop a class the first week of a term for the following reasons:

  • Not having the pre-requisite for the class listed or are significantly misplaced as evidenced by previous course grades.
  • Having failed a class.
  • Obvious scheduling errors (two classes scheduled in the same hour).
  • A class needed for graduation is not listed or was dropped from the schedule.
  • The schedule is unbalanced (two open hours in a term, four “heavy” classes in one term).

Reminder: Freshmen and Sophomores are expected to carry a full schedule throughout the school year. Juniors and Seniors are expected to carry a minimum of 3 classes per term.

Registration Planning