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Graduation Requirements

EPHS Graduation Requirements
Department Credits Required Courses
English 8

 English 9, English 10, English 11, and English 12

Social Studies 8  Human Geography, Civics, US History, Ancient World History, Modern World History, US Government, and Economics
Math 6  Geometry, Algebra II, Statistics
Science 6  Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics
Physical Education 2  Physical Education credits from qualifying courses
Health 1  Health Education
Technology 1  Intro to Technology or AP Computer Science Principles
Business/Work 1  Options available through: Business Education, Work Experience, or HTC
Fine or Applied Arts 2
  • Fine Arts: Any course in the Art Department, Acting and Theater Arts, Advanced Acting, Darkroom & Digital Photography, Graphic Technologies, Eyrie Newspaper, Eagle Yearbook, Creative Writing or any course in the music department (except History of Rock and Roll and Ukulele)
  • Applied Arts: Sewing I, Gourmet Foods, Interior Design, Introduction to 21st Century Journalism, Advanced Broadcast Journalism/EVN, Wood Crafting, Advanced Woodcrafting, Adv Architectural Design, Introduction to Engineering Design, Engineering Applications II & II, HTC, Carpentry, Culinary or Transportation courses
Total Credits Required 54 * Students fulfilling the technology requirement via Intro to Technology may not use that to fulfill their Business/Work Experience requirement.
* Many colleges/universities require applicants to have completed one year of fine arts.