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Grading & Evaluation

Grading & Evaluation Process

Guiding vision
At Eden Prairie High School, our shared mission is to ensure that all students can answer “Yes!” to our three guiding questions: Do I belong here? Is this meaningful? Can I do this? Our grading practices and procedures directly contribute to students’ ability to answer yes to these questions. Our grading and evaluation process plays an important role in realizing our mission. We are committed to implementing evidence-based grading practices that align with the following principles:

  • Grading practices will be equitable, mathematically accurate, bias-resistant, motivating for students, and supportive of a hope and a growth mindset.

  • Grades should reflect student mastery of essential learning.

Grading scale
Letter grades are determined in each class as follows using a 4.0 non-weighted grading system:

  • A: 93-100%
  • A-: 90-92%
  • B+: 87-89%
  • B: 83-86%
  • B-: 80-82%
  • C+: 77-79%
  • C: 73-76%
  • C-: 70-72%
  • D+: 67-69%
  • D: 63-66%
  • D-: 60-62%
  • I: 0-59%

Pass/No Credit
Students can opt for a Pass/No Credit grading in individual courses: P = 60% and above NC = below 60%. The guidelines for the pass/no credit option are: 

  • The student must continue to meet all classroom expectations after choosing the P/NC option or  the option will be revoked, and the student will be graded on an A - I scale. This includes  completion of daily work projects, and quizzes/tests. Class attendance is mandatory.
  • The passing grade for all departments will be 60 percent of the accumulated points or grades for the term.
  • Students may exercise the option for up to two courses each year with no more than one per  term.
  • Many colleges and universities request courses be taken for the grade.
  • Students must declare their intent in writing with required signatures by the second school day  following parent/guardian - teacher conferences each term.

Incomplete Policy
Non-passing grades will be Incomplete (“I”). In collaboration with the student and family, the counselor, administrative dean, associate principal and teacher will determine the best pathway to complete the course. Incomplete grades are temporary placeholders indicating that a student has yet to demonstrate proficiency.

Determining grades

  • The academic performance category will account for at least 85% of a final grade (15% maximum for academic practice).
  • Final term grades will be rounded up for point values of .5-.9 and rounded down for point values  of 0-.4.
  • No Extra Credit factored into grade.
  • Students can retake/redo assessments in the academic performance category.
  • Any re-take/re-do is worth 100% value.
  • Pursuant to  our guiding vision, behaviors will not be factored into a student’s grade. Examples of this guiding principle include but are not limited to:
    • Attendance should not be directly included in grade calculations.
    • For assessments on Essential Learning Targets, points should not be added or subtracted for timeliness of work completion.
  • Student scores in the academic performance and academic practice categories will reflect student mastery of course Essential Learning Targets.