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Welcome to the EPHS Art Department. A variety of courses are available including animation, ceramics, digital, drawing, jewelry, painting, and sculpture. To contact the Art Department Office call (952) 975-8160. To contact a specific art teacher, see the contact information in the chart below.


Art Teachers
Teacher Email Phone
Courtney Berndt courtney_berndt@edenpr.org 952-975-2756
Nancy Gallas nancy_gallas@edenpr.org 952-975-6627
Christopher True christopher_true@edenpr.org 952-975-4237

Business & Marketing

Welcome to the EPHS Business & Marketing Department. A variety of classes are available including general business and marketing, finance, and computer courses.  To contact a specific teacher, see the contact information in the chart below.

Business essential learning targets

Business Teachers
Teacher Email Phone
Mark Anderson mark_anderson@edenpr.org 952-975-8179
Karen Brettingen karen_brettingen@edenpr.org 952-975-8172
Lori Ford lori_ford@edenpr.org 952-975-8171
Eric Gajdostik eric_gajdostik@edenpr.org 952-975-8173
Mark Griffin mark_griffin@edenpr.org 952-975-8177
Kyle Hammer kyle_hammer@edenpr.org 952-975-8169
Rachel Hari rachel_hari@edenpr.org 952-975-8176
Scott Sayles scott_sayles@edenpr.org 952-975-8175
Shelly Streich shelly_streich@edenpr.org 952-975-8178

Business Resources


english department


Pictured above is the English department staff (left to right):

Front row: Kate Fullmer, Elle Irizarry, Rob St. Clair, Mari O’Meara, Sam Schurman, Linda Wallenberg
2nd row: Todd Organ, Nan Wiley, Kristen Saxhaug, Sara Stein, Kirsten Strand, Dominic Kirkpatrick, Kari Beutz
Top row: Josh Axtman, Alex Bauer, Jon Kahle, Tim Welshons, Laurie Nebeker, Joe Carpenter, Jodie Flolid
Not pictured: Jay Gatsby, William Shakespeare, Scout Finch

The Eden Prairie High School English Department believes in the power of reading.  We will engage our students as readers in order to promote critical thinking, expand background knowledge, and explore what it means to be human.  To reach these goals, we will provide a wide range of reading experiences, encourage rigorous literary discourse and analysis, and help students develop their identities as independent readers.  We will offer choice and access to a variety of genres, perspectives, and cultures to create a community of learners.

english essential learning targets

English Dept Survival Manual Resources

The following sections of the Survival Manual have bookmarks for easy navigation.

Optional Summer Reading 

Here are some great lists to help you choose your summer reading material:

YALSA 2019 Best Fiction Books for Young Adults

American Library Association

Young Adult Choices Reading List

2019-20 Summer Reading 

Summer Assignments have been moved.  They are now located on the EPHS website under ACADEMICS - Summer Assignments.

English Teachers
Teacher Email Phone
Josh Axtman joshua_axtman@edenpr.org 952-975-2462
Elle Baker elle_baker@edenpr.org 952-975-2427
Alex Bauer alex_bauer@edenpr.org 952-975-2656
Kari Beutz kari_beutz@edenpr.org 952-975-4205
Joe Carpenter joseph_carpenter@edenpr.org 952-975-2695
Jodie Flolid jodie_flolid@edenpr.org 952-975-2579
Kathryn Fullmer kathryn_fullmer@edenpr.org 952-975-2836
Jon Kahle jon_kahle@edenpr.org 952-975-4145
Dominic Kirkpatrick dominic_kirkpatrick@edenpr.org 952-975-2807
Laurel Nebeker laurel_nebeker@edenpr.org 952-975-2680
Mari O'Meara mari_omeara@edenpr.org 952-975-2693
Todd Organ todd_organ@edenpr.org 952-975-8014
Kristen Saxhaug kristen_saxhaug@edenpr.org 952-975-8199
Sam Schurman sam_schurman@edenpr.org 952-975-8197
Rob St. Clair robert_stclair@edenpr.org 952-975-2509
Sara Stein sara_stein@edenpr.org 952-975-8199
Kirsten Strand kirsten_strand@edenpr.org 952-975-2380
Linda Wallenberg linda_wallenberg@edenpr.org 952-975-4303
Tim Welshons tim_welshons@edenpr.org 952-975-6790
Nan Wiley nancy_wiley@edenpr.org 952-975-4245


Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS)

Welcome to the Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Department. A variety of life skills courses are available through the FACS Department, including: Food Fundamentals, Gourmet Foods, Clothing I & II, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Child Psychology, Elementary Mentoring, Independent Living, Interpersonal Communications, Contemporary Relationships, Life Issues, and Peer Insights. 

facs essential learning targets

FACS Teachers
Teacher Email Phone
Anne Almli anne_almli@edenpr.org 952-975-2715
Elizabeth Kirk elizabeth_kirk@edenpr.org 952-975-4131
Elizabeth Minnihan elizabeth_minnihan@edenpr.org 952-975-2455
Peg Schufman peg_schufman@edenpr.org 952-975-6805


Welcome to the Math Department. A variety of courses are available including Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Statistics, Calculus, and Computer Science as well as honors and advanced placement classes.

math essential learning targets

Calculator Recommendations

  • TI-30XSII is recommended for Algebra I and Geometry.
  • TI-84 Plus (or TI-89) is recommended for Precalculus, Algebra/Trigonometry, Statistics, and Calculus.
Math Teachers
Teacher Email Phone
Frank Bausch frank_bausch@edenpr.org 952-975-4323
Jessica Breed jessica_breed@edenpr.org 952-975-8224
Ellen Degler ellen_degler@edenpr.org 952-975-8223
Pete Fogarty pete_fogarty@edenpr.org 952-975-4116
Allison Grajkowske allison_grajkowske@edenpr.org 952-975-6759
Chelle Grunewald chelle_grunewald@edenpr.org 952-975-4361
Windlan Hall windlan_hall@edenpr.org 952-975-4192
Brenda Johnson brenda_johnson@edenpr.org 952-975-4311
Bridget Johnson bridget_johnson@edenpr.org 952-975-7554
Mark Kingsbury mark_kingsbury@edenpr.org 952-975-4134
Kevin Koetke kevin_koetke@edenpr.org 952-975-6730
Kari McSherry kari_mcsherry@edenpr.org 952-975-4308
Katie Milton katie_milton@edenpr.org 952-975-2617
Joan Murphy joan_murphy@edenpr.org 952-975-2422
Jenn Nelson jennifer_nelson@edenpr.org 952-975-6633
Tyler Pence tyler_pence@edenpr.org 952-975-4241
Alyce Price alyce_price@edenpr.org 952-975-8221
Greg Sarles greg_sarles@edenpr.org 952-975-2679
David Schlager david_schlager@edenpr.org 952-975-8154
Jennifer Wagner jennifer_wagner@edenpr.org 952-975-4103
Anne Zara anne_zara@edenpr.org 952-975-2800



Welcome to the Music Department. A variety of courses are available including several opportunities in bandchoir, and orchestra

music essential learning targets

Music Staff

Band Teachers

Teacher Email Phone
Liz Jackson elizabeth_jackson@edenpr.org 952-975-2469
Michael Okwabi michael_okwabi@edenpr.org 952-975-2738
Mike Whipkey mike_whipkey@edenpr.org  

Choir Teachers

Teacher Email Phone
Jill Boyd jill_boyd@edenpr.org 952-975-2476
Julie Kanthak julie_kanthak@edenpr.org 952-975-6833
Ellen Meier ellen_meier@edenpr.org 952-975-4167

Orchestra Teachers

Teacher Email Phone
Karin Dye karin_dye@edenpr.org  
Angelique Rowell angelique_rowell@edenpr.org 952-975-2738

Phy Ed/Health


Welcome to the Physical Education and Health Department. A variety of courses that provide opportunities for students whether they're looking for a competitive or non-competitive classes, fitness development classes, or dance. 

health essential learning targets

phy/ed essential learning targets

Phy Ed/Health Teachers
Teacher Email Phone
John Becker john_becker@edenpr.org 952-975-2829
Mike Halloran mike_halloran@edenpr.org 952-975-4128
Roxy Myhre roxanne_myhre@edenpr.org 952-975-2723
Jen Reynolds jennifer_reynolds@edenpr.org 952-975-2415
Sarah Sipe sarah_sipe@edenpr.org 952-975-6744
Dan Slinden daniel_slinden@edenpr.org 952-975-6811
Patti Werning patti_werning@edenpr.org 952-975-4334
Jim Williams jim_williams@edenpr.org 952-975-8232
Katherine Windsor katherine_windsor@edenpr.org 952-975-8230



Welcome to the Science Department. A variety of courses are available including biology, chemistry, and physics as well as advanced placement and honors classes.


Science Teachers
Teacher Email Phone
Doug Boonstra doug_boonstra@edenpr.org 952-975-6796
Anne Ferch anne_ferch@edenpr.org 952-975-2488
Katie Foley katherine_foley@edenpr.org 952-975-4165
Kristin Gabel kristin_gabel@edenpr.org 952-975-4252
Eric Gahr eric_gahr@edenpr.org 952-975-8349
Kristina Hering kristina_hering@edenpr.org 952-975-2472
Kira Kirchberg kira_kirchberg@edenpr.org 952-975-3046
Bruce Kivimaki bruce_kivimaki@edenpr.org 952-975-4150
Bryan Klotz bryan_klotz@edenpr.org 952-975-2651
Olena Larionova olena_larionova@edenpr.org 952-975-6721
Mike Maas mike_maas@edenpr.org 952-975-4339
Jayson Sandeen jayson_sandeen@edenpr.org 952-975-4343
Carol Snyder carol_snyder@edenpr.org 952-975-2562
Madison Sour madison_sour@edenpr.org  
Brian Strand brian_strand@edenpr.org 952-975-6607
Brenda Walsh brenda_walsh@edenpr.org 952-975-8342
Kjersten Welter kjersten_welter@edenpr.org 952-975-4338
James Wilsford james_wilsford@edenpr.org 952-975-2619


Social Studies


Welcome to the EPHS Social Studies Department. A variety of courses are available including civics, geography, American history, world history, psychology, sociology, world civilizations, comparative politics, U.S. government, European history, and macroeconomics. A number of advanced placement and honors classes are also available. 

social studies essential learning targets

Social Studies Teachers
Teacher Email Phone
John Buteyn john_buteyn@edenpr.org 952-975-8256
Maia Caldwell maia_caldwell@edenpr.org  
Charles Cooper charles_cooper@edenpr.org 952-975-2771
DeeDee Deeken deedee_deeken@edenpr.org 952-975-2654
Sheila Fitzgerald sheila_fitzgerald@edenpr.org 952-975-4115
Rob Gordon rob_gordon@edenpr.org 952-975-2414
Dan Hennen dan_hennen@edenpr.org 952-975-4355
Craig Hollenbeck craig_hollenbeck@edenpr.org 952-975-6659
Anna Hoppe anna_hoppe@edenpr.org 952-975-8251
Jessica Langert jessica_langert@edenpr.org 952-975-4162
Kevin Luker kevin_luker@edenpr.org 952-975-8253
Meggie McGuire meggie_mcguire@edenpr.org  
Brett Pederson brett_pederson@edenpr.org  
Jon Pogatchnik jon_pogatchnik@edenpr.org 952-975-6688
Bridget Rosolanka bridget_rosolanka@edenpr.org 952-975-6689
Tamara Sather tamara_sather@edenpr.org 952-975-2364
Brian Sibley brian_sibley@edenpr.org 952-975-2355
Kelsey Snyder kelsey_snyder@edenpr.org 952-975-2742
Marty Teigen marty_teigen@edenpr.org 952-975-4362
Josh Wenzel josh_wenzel@edenpr.org 952-975-2636


Tech Ed

Welcome to the EPHS Tech Ed Department. A variety of courses are available including electronics, engineering, photography, and wood crafting.

Tech ed essential learning targets

Work Experience

Welcome to the EPHS Work Experience Department. A variety of general and special education classes are available. To contact a specific Work Experience teacher, see the contact information in the chart below.

work experience essential learning targets

World Language

Welcome to the EPHS World Language Department. The following language opportunities are available: French, German, Spanish, Chinese, and American Sign Language. 

world language essential learning targets

Learn more about all courses on the Essential Learning Targets page.