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Hennepin Technical College

A program for juniors and seniors who are interested in vocational skills.

Career & Skill Building Courses

Career courses are designed to assist students in making career decisions. Hands-on instruction is emphasized. Each course offers a broad array of information from similar careers within an industry. From here, one can branch off into a major for a college career choice. Earn technical college credit at HTC by satisfactorily completing the course requirements and earning a grade of A or B. Utilize these credits by enrolling at HTC after graduation.

College Major Courses (for Associate in Applied Science degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates)

After successfully completing a related career course, students may continue their education by enrolling in advanced level courses or college major courses. This is an excellent opportunity to begin one’s college course work while still enrolled in high school. Completion of a college major will lead toward employment in a chosen career. (Required: college placement testing before registration.) Many courses meet during the school day, Monday through Friday. Courses are also available at other times of the day, evenings, and weekends. Ask a high school guidance counselor for the HTC catalog, course schedules, enrollment procedures, college contact persons, and other information related to college major choices. For more information, visit the HTC website