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AP/College in School

Eden Prairie High School offers numerous Advanced Placement and College in the Schools courses. Students taking these courses may be eligible to receive college credit.

Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is an opportunity for high school students to pursue and receive credit for college-level course work while in high school. The AP Program, sponsored by the College Board, is based on the premise that college-level material can be taught successfully to able and well-prepared secondary school students. The College Board offers 31 exams in a wide variety of areas each spring. 

At EPHS, students may take any of the 31 exams for which they feel that they are qualified (and whether or not they have taken the accompanying course). Advanced Placement (AP) tests are administered in May. A qualifying score on any AP test may enable a student to receive college credit, meet prerequisite requirements or both, depending on the college or university. 

College in the Schools

The College in the Schools (CIS) program delivers introductory-level University of Minnesota credit courses to advanced juniors and seniors. CIS courses are taught at EPHS during the regular school day.