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Title Programming

What is the program?

Title I is a federally funded program established for the purpose of providing supplemental reading and math instruction to children. Eligible Title I schools are elementary schools (Eden Lake, Forest Hills, Oak Point, and Prairie View). No secondary school is currently eligible.

Title I services do not replace regular classroom instruction. The instructional staff works with students individually and in small groups. Students work on literacy or reading skills (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency).
The instructional staff works with students in individual or small groups to assist students during the classroom mathematics instruction. Students in k-6 work on number sense, problem solving, estimation, and mathematical strategies.

How Are Students Assessed?

Any student who has not met proficiency in reading or mathematics is eligible for Title I services once a school is identified as a Title I school. Assessments created by school district staff as well as state tests are used to determine this eligibility for the program.

Reading & Math Specialists

Name Email Voice Mail
Kate Krogen        Katherine_Krogen@edenpr.org       952-975-4349     
Julie Osborne Julie_Osborne@edenpr.org  
Rachael Rice Rachael_Rice@edenpr.org 952-975-2765
Celeste Ulberg Celeste_Ulberg@edenpr.org  
Kate Palmer Kate_Palmer@edenpr.org