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Special Education

Eden Prairie Schools provides a comprehensive program for students with disabilities. Services are provided to students who range in age from birth through high school, with a few students receiving help until age 21.

All services are developed to facilitate each student in reaching his or her potential. Inclusive education between regular and special education allows for the opportunity to learn and develop in an age-appropriate setting. From early intervention to community-based vocational training, students are provided a quality, individualized education program in the least restrictive environment.

Eden Lake has a special education team who provides services to students with a variety of handicapping conditions. A lead teacher is available to assist students and families in the Special Education Program. Special education team members work in conjunction with a students regular classroom teachers and support staff.

Eden Lake Special Education Staff

Last Name First Name Title  Email Voice Mail
Taylor                   Angela                  SPED Teacher Angela_Taylor@edenpr.org 952-975-8446
Kegel Carla SPED Teacher Carla_Kegel@edenpr.org 952-975-4259
Duchon Becky MTSS Speech Becky_Duchon@edenpr.org 952-975-7835
Franson Haley Speech/Language Kaley_Franson@edenpr.org 952-975-4106
Dignan Chad Adaptive PhyEd (DAPE)              Chad_Dignan@edenpr.org 952-975-6670
Rohe Hannah SPED Teacher Hannah_Rohe@edenpr.org 952-975-8431
Omanyo Stella SPED Teacher Maristella_Omanyo@edenpr.org 952-975-8443
Cowan Barb Due Process Clerk Barb_Cowan@edenpr.org 952-975-8436            
Abdi Ayan Para Ayan_Abdi@edenpr.org  
Anderson Jennifer Para Jennifer_Anderson@edenpr.org             
DuBose Pam Para Pamela_Dubose@edenpr.org  
Garten Patty Para Patty_Garten@edenpr.org  
Johnson Janet Para Janet_Johnson@edenpr.org  
Oftelie Sue Para Sue_Oftelie@edenpr.org  
Olson Jan Para JaniceM_Olson@edenpr.org  
Rodekuhr Laura Para Laura_Rodekuhr@edenpr.org  
Ronchak Alyssa Para Alyssa_Ronchak@edenpr.org  
Schmidt Jamin Para Jamin_Schmidt@edenpr.org  
Trnka Michelle Para Michelle_Trnka@edenpr.org  
Weaver Lauren Para Lauren_Weaver@edenpr.org