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Student Spotlight: Olive Myrland founds EHSI Art Club

Student Spotlight: Olive Myrland founds EHSI Art Club


Discovering interests helps students feel inspired every day — and at Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion, one scholar is helping her classmates do just that! Olive Myrland, an EHSI fourth grader, founded the school’s first ever Art Club this year to spread her love of fine art. Now, 15 students meet after school to get creative and explore their passions together!

Check out our Q&A with our Spotlight Student, Olive Myrland:

What motivated you to start Art Club at Eagle Heights?

I wanted to see what I could achieve – what I could do in the world from a little age. I thought I might make a difference in one kid’s life if I taught, and if I had my parents there to help support me. I chose art because I’m passionate about art and the way you can express your feelings through it. It matters because it can be life changing in a way, or it can be a way to relax.

What projects have you been working on?

Last week we worked with Model Magic and it was really fun because you could see what things the kids could create with so little materials. We decided to do the first letter of your name. It was fun to see the process because some kids did seaweed on top of their name. Other kids have been helping me with project ideas, and it’s been fun to see their perspective and their view. In the next few weeks, we’re going to do a very exciting restaurant project in teams so they can bond and have fun with one another.

What are you most proud of related to the club?

I’m very proud that there are more kids than I intended. I thought I would have less than enough, but I was wrong!

What have you gotten out of making your idea a reality?

It has made me a stronger, more knowing person. It has helped my relationship with the littler kids.

What else would you like to share?

I would like to share that I’m proud of this club and that I want to someday make it a reality, like my own business where I babysit and give art projects for them to do all year round.

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