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Meet our Juvenile Liaison Officers

Meet our Juvenile Liaison Officers



Pictured (left to right): TJ Henderson, Rob Geis, Ryan Kuffel, Matt Kucera



In Eden Prairie Schools, we have Juvenile Liaison Officers dedicated to each of our school buildings. Some have offices on campus, and others visit regularly to develop relationships with our students and teach safety programs. Juvenile Liaison Officers and the district’s Facilities Department collaborate to review district crisis management plans and emergency procedures, and officers also partner with school leaders to investigate student behavior concerns when necessary.  These professionals are important members of our school communities who protect the safety and security of our students and staff. Keep reading to learn more about each of our Juvenile Liaison Officers!


Officer Ryan Kuffel: Little Eagles Preschool, Cedar Ridge Elementary School, Forest Hills Elementary School, Central Middle School

My name is Ryan Kuffel, Juvenile Liaison Officer with Eden Prairie Police Department. I have been with the Eden Prairie Police Department for 24 years. I was a JLO from 2007-2010, where I served Oak Point, and I have been in my current position at the above listed schools for 8 years. I chose to be a Juvenile Liaison Officer because of the special connection this role plays within the community. A JLO is a personal police officer to students, families, and staff that helps bridge gaps and is an important source of resources and information. A JLO builds relationships with children by mentoring, teaching, and being a positive constant in their life. The best part of being a JLO is the relationships I have made and the trust I have built with students, parents, and staff.


Officer Rob Geis: Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion, Eden Lake Elementary School, Oak Point Elementary School, Prairie View Elementary School

My name is Officer Rob. I have worked in the schools for over 20 years. In my 20+ years, I have also worked at Central Middle School, Forest Hills and Eden Prairie High School. The thing I like the best about working in the schools is the interaction with the staff and the students. It is exciting when I have students from kindergarten all the way through fifth grade. Students get a chance to see that the police are good people and are easy to talk to. I have gotten close to many of the staff members at all the schools. It is great to hear about what is going on in their personal lives as well as their professional life. But the absolute best thing about working in the schools the past three years is the ability to see my daughter, who is a teacher at Eden Lake, one of my schools, every day! I have worked with youth most of my life. At the age of 14, I began working at a pool. By the time I was 16, I was a lifeguard and taught swimming lessons to different ages. I did this until I was 23 years old. Being a Juvenile Liaison Officer was a natural fit. Working with the students in Eden Prairie Schools has made it fun to come to work every day. Also, I see the compassion the staff members have for all the students, from the teachers and all other staff members.


Officer Matt Kucera: Eden Prairie High School, TASSEL Transition Program

My name is Matt Kucera, Juvenile Liaison Officer with the Eden Prairie Police Department. I have been a JLO for 3 years. My goal in becoming a Juvenile Liaison Officer was to positively impact youth and help them become successful adults. During my time as a liaison, I have enjoyed the bonds I have formed with students and the opportunity to interact with them in a casual way. 


Officer TJ Henderson: Eden Prairie High School 

My name is TJ Henderson, Juvenile Liaison Officer with the Eden Prairie Police Department. I have been a Juvenile Liaison Officer for six years and currently serve Eden Prairie High School in addition to PiM Arts High School and the International School. I went into law enforcement with the desire to work as a Juvenile Liaison Officer. I have always enjoyed working with students, and I feel we have a role in supporting them to discover what their passions are and what they wish to achieve in their lives. The best part of being a Juvenile Liaison Officer is when I make a connection with a student and I know that their perception of law enforcement as a whole changes for the better.


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