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Measuring What Matters

Measuring What Matters

The Eden Prairie School Board measures key metrics to monitor academic progress and operations at Eden Prairie Schools. These outcomes help to shape the board’s understanding of where it needs to put more resources and guide the way to fulfilling the district’s mission. 

With a constantly changing environment with seemingly new concerns around every corner, the Eden Prairie School Board recognizes that complete transparency is vital to community trust and it takes that responsibility seriously. To improve communication, the School Board has developed “Measuring What Matters” to provide visibility into the progress at Eden Prairie Schools.

The School Board hopes that “Measuring What Matters” will give the community concise, timely, and relevant information on the performance of our schools. The first two metrics can be found below. Although these first two metrics represent a snapshot into School District student achievement, the School Board expects to expand the number and type of metrics included in “Measuring What Matters” to improve monitoring transparency. 

For more information, please visit www.edenpr.org/community/school-board.