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Eden Prairie schools provide a rigorous and enriching curriculum for each student, at every grade and ability level. While the core curriculum focuses on fundamentals, teachers and families help students achieve their highest potential by choosing special programs that fit their talents, interests, and needs.

Beginning with Early Childhood Education and continuing through high school graduation, Eden Prairie students and their teachers are focused on a trajectory for success. Every year our students achieve some of the state’s most impressive numbers in graduation rate, assessments scores, scholarships, and college acceptance. Students leave Eden Prairie schools well prepared for college and life.





Curriculum Overview (grades K-5)

Five traditional K-5 schools, and one K-5 Spanish immersion school, give Eden Prairie Schools students a solid foundation for their academic careers. Our dedicated and talented teachers at each school are time and again cited by parents as being our school district’s best asset. They work with your children each day to provide a challenging curriculum while giving support where needed, and instilling a love of learning.

The curriculum in each of the elementary schools is the same, and each has the same resources, including special programming, support personnel, media centers and computer labs. Teachers work to incorporate the most current, and always changing, technology in their classroom so that students are constantly exposed to 21st-century learning techniques. 

Curriculum overviews can be found at the following links for our five traditional K-5 schools. Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion students are taught the same curriculum as students attending our other district elementary schools. At EHSI, students receive textbooks and supplemental materials for each subject (except English) in Spanish.

Courses and Essential Learning Targets (grades 6-12)

Overview by Subject

Explore the visions below to learn where our curriculum will lead each Eden Prairie Schools learner.