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Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion students are taught the same curriculum as students attending our other district elementary schools. At EHSI, students receive textbooks and supplemental materials for each subject (except English) in Spanish.

“iLearn staff" work with teachers to incorporate the most current – and always changing – technology in their classroom so that students are constantly exposed to 21st century learning techniques.

EHSI uses Responsive Classroom, a research-based approach to teaching and learning that seeks to balance the teaching of academic skills with the teaching of social skills as an integral part of everyday school life. It is an approach to curriculum, classroom organization and management, and parental or guardian involvement grounded in the rich theory of child development, learning theory, and developmental psychology.

View the Grade K-6 Curriculum Guides.

Here is a summary of the curriculum materials/textbooks used for EHSI by subject area:

  • Reading (Spanish): Grades K, 1 and 6: Senderos; Grades 2 – 5: District Created Curriculum with priority standards
  • Reading (English): Grades 3 – 6: Scott Foresmann
  • Math: Grades K-2: Think Math; Grades 3 – 6: SRA Real Math
  • Health: District Created Curriculum based on Monthly Health Topics (September: Community Health and Safety; October:Personal Safety; November: Substance Abuse Prevention; December: Disease and Illness Prevention; January: Emotional Health; February: Human Body; March: Nutrition; April: Growing and Changing/ Environmental Health; May: Summer Safety and Injury Prevention)
  • Social Studies: K-3: District Created Curriculum based on State Standards; Grade 4: Geography, Regions of the USA, and Map Skills / National Geographic is the main publisher; Grade 5: U.S. History: Houghton Mifflin Textbook; Grade 6: Minnesota History: Northern Lights Minnesota Historical Society Textbook
  • Science: K-5: FOSS / Delta Science; Grade 6: Houghton-Mifflin Physical Science

For more information on the EHSI curriculum, contact Mitch Hegland, Associate Principal.