• World Language

    As we educate for success in our diverse and changing world, we work to ensure that our students graduate with the ability to effectively communicate in at least two languages.

    The Eden Prairie Schools World Language program incorporates Spanish classes through sixth grade and provides the opportunity for students to learn Chinese, German, French, and American Sign Language at the secondary level.

    Elementary World Language Program:
    Beginning in kindergarten, all of our elementary school students learn Spanish language and cultural concepts. Spanish is taught in learning units and threaded into their day with signage and events that promote open-minded thinking about the world. Families wanting a bilingual education for their children may choose Eagle Heights Spanish Immersion. The curriculum standards are the same as the traditional elementary program, but students are taught entirely in Spanish. This choice is designed for families who are committed to keeping their child in this environment through 6th grade.

    Secondary World Language Program:
    At Central Middle School, students may continue on with Spanish as a world language or they may choose from three other world language offerings: French, German and Chinese.

    At Eden Prairie High School, students have additional options. They may continue the language they began at CMS or they may choose to study a different language. They also have an additional language option available– American Sign Language.

    Students who excel in their study of French or Spanish may take their language learning to the next level by enrolling in College In the Schools courses. CIS is taught by Eden Prairie World Language staff in conjunction with the University of Minnesota. College credits are earned by students who successfully complete the course.
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