• Designing Pathways

Designing Pathways: Changes Move Forward, Others Considered

  • Eden Prairie Schools’ process to define a 10-year outlook of its academic programming and supporting facilities came to a head in May 2017. Since then, the district has been preparing to move forward with many of the academic programming recommendations that came out of the community-involved process, but is also continuing to review others. 

    What's moving forward

    Eden Prairie Schools is continuing to focus on the development of the following four major areas:

    1. Expanding personalized learning in all classrooms.
    2. Reenvisioning existing school spaces to support personalized learning.
    3. Online course offerings at the high school.
    4. Implementation of a high school capstone project.

    The remaining academic recommendations include middle school schedules and teaming, an extended high school calendar, and choice programming at the elementary schools. 

    What's continuing to be reviewed

    Proposed grade configuration changes are currently under review. The grade configuration changes called for providing four-year-old preschool in all five elementary school buildings with 6th grade moving out of the elementary schools and into Central Middle School. School board and district leadership alike continue to review facilities recommendations as a result of a potential grade configuration change. These changes could result in a potential bond referendum proposal to the community for approval. District and school board leadership are partnering together to ensure community-wide voice is included prior to a final proposal.